View of Ohio River at Cincinnati OhioMY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

Wet a line and stay awhile!

I will be CELEBRATING over 24 YEARS of providing excellent CATFISHING information for ROD BENDING ACTION in the Cincinnati area of the Ohio River. Blue cats, Flatheads, and Channel cats can be hooked right here in the Downtown Cincinnati river front area.
I am just an ole retired guy that likes to catfish, I am NOT a catfish guide, I do have a link to a GUIDE for this part of the river on this page if you are seeking a catfish guide trip. Catfishing baits, bank fishing spots, tips from a catfishing guide. Tips for saving money on YOUR catfishing tackle. Information on catfishing baits I have used to catch catfish. Where to go to Catch HUGE Channel cats in Canada.

For 2024 I wish everyone "BE SAFE; STAY HEALTHY and TIGHT LINES whenever you are fishing!"

Pray for all the people in OUR country who need help with thier basic NEEDS.

January 6th 2024 My plans for the 2024 season have been really messed up! I have been tested with an echocardiogram in late December, that indicate I have heart problem. I am having an coronary angiogram this coming week to see what needs to be done to correct the problem. He talked to a friend that if value needs to be replaced; than it will take all season for me to recover from the procedure!

Bottom line is I will not be doing any catfish this year!

Nov23rd My grandson was home from college, and he called me to go fishing. I said sure, my son & he picked me up13:00. We went to a pond about 20 minutes from my house. My grandson was trying out his new fly rod, trying to catch some bass. I had 2 rods one for catfish and one for bluegills. It was a bright sunny afternoon, with a slight breeze. No bites for Noah or myself, but we got some fresh air.

It was good that I got to talk with my son about how things were going at work. Some of the big projects he is involved now and in the future. My grandson was please how he did with the fly rod. We packed it in 15:45 and headed home.

Novenber 19th. I am hanging up my gear for 2023 season!
The 2023 fishing season was terrible for me! My total trips with different guys for the whole year was 12! Total fish I caught was only 5! Largest fish was a 10-pound blue cat. I was only able to get MY boat in the river three times all season long! My new partner said it was too hot so we did not fish from July 5th till September 21st.. After that trip my partner no longer wanted to fish the river.

In the early September I came down with covid, that knock me down I was very upset for I was looking forward to getting a lot of fishing in the Fall. I did get 3 trips all the fall season. I am now back to trying to line up a new partner for next year. I still have 2 guys that let me fish from their boats. I may fish a lot more with one guy from my boat for he goes fish a lot each week. The other guy has a strange work schedule so might be hard to get together on a regular basis

My wife has some health issues that required me to put fishing to much lower priority Hopefully she will have better health is 2024, just have to wait a see.

Oct 12th trip I met Mike Milton at 07:00 at the river side ramp. He had already been fishing at 04:00. Since the dock was in the water it on took a few minutes to get in the boat and on our way. The sun was just breaking day and there was a clear sky. 07:10 we were in a 50 ft hole up river. Had our lines in the river by 07:30. Mike told me had caught 7 cats before I showed up. I was expecting to have some action at last.

No action at all so we lifted our anchor0 at 08:20and started to dragging 4 rods. I had 2 rods; he had the other rods. Mike believes in big bait for big fish. Earlier he had netted several nice shad for the day. I was using 6-inch thawed skipjack and shrimp for my bait. That did not produce any bites; so gave up on that area at 10:05.

Headed the boat downriver to the Anderson Ferry area; 1030 our lines were in the river. A slight upriver breeze started up around 10:40. No action so we moved downriver a mile and marked some fish around 11:00. Still no action moved further down river at 11:44.

12:20 we started to trey dragging again and started going back up river. Mike had a very powerful trolling motor that kept the planner boards away from the boat. We travel a good distance before we got some action. I hooked into a 5 pound channel cat at 13:40 on one of the planner boards. The fish was 26 inches long, Mike tried to take 2 photos with my camera. When I checked the camera at home I was disappointed neither photo showed up. 1400 Mike hooked into nice blue cat, on the other planer board on my side of the boat, Mike got the fish back in the river before I could find my camera.

15:20 calling it a day and headed for the ramp. Mike informed me that was his last trip this year. He will be busy from now to mid January working installing Christmas and removing them at private homes. I am hoping to have more trip with this mike next season for some night fishing.

The planner boards that caught our 2 catfish

Sept 21st, I picked up Mike 07:45 and we headed to the Cincinnati Public landing to launch my boat. I had wanted to fish down river to the Mill Creek area. We were shocked to find the Landing was blocked OFF! So we decided to go to the Schmidt's ramp which is up river. I did not have that much fuel to run from there to the Mill Creek and back; so we fished right around that area.

We finally got our lines in the river 08:50. Our fist spot was a bout a 1/2 mile up river from the ramp on the Ohio side. It was another nice Fall day, river was in great shape with a slight down river breeze. We fished for some time so got ready to leave. Both of us had a snag to deal with. Mike had sat up at the bow and did not have his rod in a rod holder. As he was lift the anchor which move the boat up river his rod flew of the boat into 30 feet of water. As we drifted back I was able to free my line. Since I has a spare rod in my car we headed back to the ramp to get the rod.

Got that done and headed back up river to try to locate some fish. We finally did make a group of catfish around 10:05. We had anchored a little down river of Lunken Airport. I did have a hard tap one one of my rods. The bait was on strawberry seasoned chicken breast. It was getting warm and the fish were not biting so we called it a day around 11:30 and headed to the ramp. I am very frustrated for I have no idea where to go to get some action! I am not sure what bait to take for the catfish to bite.

September 20th. I met Curtis at the River Side ramp at 07:45. I was pleased to learn the dock was still in the river. We launched the boat and headed down river; to a spot where Curtis had caught 5 catfish 4 days earlier. We had our 4 rods in the water by 08:10. We were anchored up by the tied up barges on the Ohio side below the Anderson Ferry.

08:25 Curtis had a hard bite but missed hooking the fish. No more action so we moved about a mile down river around 10:00. At 1035 I got a hard bite cleaned off the thawed shad. Curtis got a bite at 10:50, he hooked his fish. The fish was a nice blue cat of around 5 pounds. I took a couple photos of Curtis and the fish. The fish was retuned to the river to fight another day.

It seemed where I wanted to go there was a boat already siting there. The last spot we tried, had to wait for some new crew member to board a barge! Last spot was a 40 hole above the Anderson Ferry on the KY. Side. Marked fish but no bites We called it a day at 12:55 and headed back to the ramp. The water tempt was about75 degrees,very clear with littler current. Sunny bright day a great day to be outside. Once again we tried, but at least not skunked.

Curtis 5 pound Blue cat

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AUG 31. Met my fiend Joe at 08:30 and we drove over to his friends private pond. It is a catch and release pond so there are some big bass and catfish there. 08:50 we had our lines in the water.Joe had large shiners for the bass, and had bait for the catfish. 0910 Joe hooked in a small l.m.bass on the shiner he was using. 10:00 he landed a 17 inch bass with shiners. 10:50 Joe caught a channel cat about 2 pounds.

It was sunny and very windy ,blowing right in our face. That made watching our boober a bit tricky. There were also many turtles that mess with our baits,w hich was frustrating!

At 11:55 I finally landed a 13 inch bass, I missed another bass later due to a bad knot! No bits at all on the catfish rod. No bites either while I tried for the bluegills I hope to go there with Joe before winter sets in.

Joe'sMy 13 inch L.M.bass

August 22nd. Tuesday afternoon I got a message from my friend Curtis wanting to take fishing on his boat Wednesday morning. I said sure. I started getting my fishing gear and bait selected for the trip. I was to meet him at 7 a.m. so I set the alarm clock and went to bed early. I work up at 6:17and it took me a few seconds to realize I overslept. I had packed my lunch already, so I loaded up my car and took off. I really did miss my coffee and a bite to eat but I had to get moving fast. I did meet Curtis at 07:15.
Curtis had his boat in the water at the ramp, so we headed out. We tried to net some fresh bait to use that morning. It really took a while before we had enough small Shad to get to our 1st spot to fish. 09:00 we finally got our rods in the river. I had 3 open faces spinning reels, 2 baited with the small Shad, 1 with a piece of thawed skipjack. 09:20 I got a hard bite on one of my reels. The fish wanted to stay down, and I knew it was a decent fish. I had a hard time getting it in for that was the first catfish I had to wind in with a spinning rell. I was very relieved when we finally had the fish in the net! My wrist was tired from turning the handle on that reel. Curtis weighed the fish, weighed 6.5 pounds. I forgot to measure it so no not sure how long it was. Curtis took a photo then returned it to the river. That fish hit the piece of skipjack.

Another rod got slammed at 10:40 the fish was already hooked when I pick up my rod. This one was not staying down as hard. We thought it was smaller fish, I was getting better cranking the reel this time. When the fish got weighed turned out to be 10 pounds! That is my biggest catfish this season. That fish hit the 3 small shad I had as bait.
Our 3rd spot was in a 52 feet hole, but nothing, not even taped our lines. We even tied our hand at drift fishing, still no action. We called it a day at 12:30 and headed to the ramp. The rive was very clear, current was .6 mph. The sun was very HOT, the Bimini top did provide us shade. Curtis even a 20-volt portable fan that helped. I was happy getting two nice Bluecats and learning how to crank the handle on those reels. Not sure when will get back on the river, but maybe be fishing at night would get us more action.

My 6.5 blucatMY 10 pound BLUECAT!

Since the commercial fishermen are monitoring catfishing web sites I will be editing my updates this season for the fish I catch on the river. I will only state the size of the fish and bait used. I will also be blocking out the back ground on any photos, for I do NOT want the C.F. to clean out that area!!

Here is a video of what the COMMERICAL FISHERMEN are doing to the Ohio River where I fish!!! It has impacted the number of decent fish here! So you can understand the rod & reel fishermen's frustration knowing these big catfish will never be retunred to the river.

July 5th. I woke up at 06:00 ate some breakfast before I headed to meet Mike. Picked him up at 07:00 and headed to get gas for the boat. We launched the boat at Cincinnati Public Landing ramp around 07:40. Headed down river to the Mill Creek area. Got down there to discover another boat was fishing in the spot we planned to fish.

SO, we moved down from them about 200 yards to get our lines in the river around 08:00. 0900 we moved to the middle of the 1st barge since we had no action at the first spot. Marked fish so we had our hopes up for some action. Once again, our hopes were dashed for not even a tap! Gave up on that area and headed upriver.

Next spot was at the shadow of a bridge that cool us off from the heat. Tried there but no action again. 11:00 move upriver to the front of Hooters for around 20minutes before we gave up, frustrated once again and it was getting too hot for us. Got the boat on trailer around 11:30 and headed home. At least we tried, as it turned out the was the hottest day so far this summer! Not sure when we will try again since the cats are not active at this time. When I read, they are biting again then we will try again, but at a different part of the river.

June 10th. I woke at 3:45 to head for a catfish tournament at Lawrenceburg In. It was still dark at 05:00 when I got to the parking lot, to find my friend Curtis and his boat. There were several bass boats there as well for their tournament. Curtis got the boat in the water about 05 12 to try to net some fresh Shad for bait supply for the day. We tried for about 45 minutes and only got 4 SHAD! I did have some thawed skipjacks and pieces of cheery seasoned chicken breast.

We headed to the river at 05:55 for the tournament started at 06:00, Curtis fired up the motor and headed upriver. 06:34 we reached our first stop it was a place where he had caught catfish in the past. There was very little current, river was clear as the sun was coming up. I had my first of 3 open face spinning reels and rods rigs in the water around 06:45. I had the skipjacks and chicken breast on my rigs. Curtis had pieces of the fresh Shad cut up for his lines. Curtis broke the ice at 07:20 hooking into a nice catfish. The blue cat weighed just over 8 pounds; I forgot the length of the fish. I took 2 photos, then Curtis placed it in the live well. The action stopped so we decided to move down river about of a mile.

At 09:30 Curtis hooked his 2nd fish of the day; this one was a small flathead. The fish weighed around 2 pounds. Once again, I took a couple photos, and the fish was put in the live well. Both cats were caught with the shad from the morning. We ran out of the Shad. Had to run upriver to a creek that we hoped held Shad. Curtis tried many times with casting net, only got 1 SHAD! 11:20 our 3rd spot was back down river closer to the barge this time.

13:30 we called it a day and started our run back to the ramp. As we expected the ramp area was vey crowed with catfish and bass boats. This made it harder to get the boat out of the water and onto the trailer.

While Curtis was straiting out the boat, I took his 2 fish to get weighed. They checked out at 9.9 pounds, then they were returned to the water at the ramp. It was getting on the hot side after a very long day on the river. I thought I had all my stuff out of Curtis s boat when I left at 14:00 t0 head home. When I got home that is when I noticed I had left my camera in the boat. I sent him a message later that evening to check and I should get it when we fish again.

June 7th. The weatherman called for rain in the morning, so I decided to go fishing about noon time. When I woke no rain so called Mike to change when we would go to 10:00. I forgot my logbook, so my time of the events are not as accurate as usual. Hitched up the boat and got the bait thawed out for the trip. I picked up Mike just before 10:00, headed to get gas for car and the motor. We headed for the Cincinnati Public Landing ramp which is short distance from the gas station.

The boat was in the river around 10:15 and we headed down river. Around 10:35 we dropped our anchor I baited up my first rod. I experience a first-time event for me; I was just lowering my 1st rod over the side of the boat when it got hit by a fish. It took me a moment to realize I had hooked a decent size fish. I had to fight the fish for several minutes before I got it in the net. My first fish of 2023 turn out to be a SUCKER! I forgot the length, but it weighed 6.75 pounds. I knew for sure it was going to be a good day at last! About 11:15 my rod with cherry chicken breast got hit this time. I had a hooked a small channel cat. It was around 18 inches and weighed just over 2 pounds. I kept on getting bites but, the thawed-out skipjacks were very soft. The fish were knocking of the baits off before I could try setting the hook. I caught one more channel before the anchor came lose from a barge s wake That channel was around 18 inches but was 2.5 pounds.

The boat got resettled when the anchor finally held. I was marking fish and they were still biting. The last fish of the day was 20 inches; 4 pounds channel cat. A small tow boat came over to work on the moored barges, so we had to move. We left the area and head back upriver around 12:30, I spotted a 50-foot hole that held some fish. I put out my 3 rods, fished for about 25 minutes, no action at all. I was snagged on my one rod; had to break off my line. sun was starting to warm up, so we decided to check out the Breakers above the ramp around 13:30. Maid a sweep of the area with the fish finder nothing much showed so we called it a day. Had the boat on the trailer and headed home a little after 14:00. I finally got the skunk off the boat for 2023. Hopefully Mike and I will get more trips on the river soon; for the river is in great shape right now. Tight lines to all.

4 pound catfishMY 6.75 sucker that hit the bait as I dropped over the side of the boat!

May 25th Shakedown trip for 2023!
I meet Mike and we headed off to the Schmidit boat ramp on the Ohio River. Around 08:45 we got the boat in the river. River level was 27.8 feet. At that time, we had a down river breeze with a .8 mph current. We got to our first spot a marina about a .5 mile upriver from the ramp. Our4 lines were in the water about 09:00. The river was clear; and the level was 27.8 feet. The weather was on the cool side, but sunny. It was a perfect day to be on the river.

10:25 the 2nd spot was a 53-foot hole that I marked some fish! We dropped our anchor and casted back into the hole. Fished for about 35 minutes no action at all! 10:45 we pull up our anchor and moved upriver. I broke my line on a snag as we tried to free it from the river. We moved upriver and more towards the channel, marked fish. I started to retie my line after we put out my other lines. I was busy looking at the line when Mike told me I had a bite. I spotted the rod, and it was being tapped then bent over. I raced to grab the rod, but the fish was gone! I wound in the line and the soft skipjack was cleaned off. Not sue what kind of fish hit that rod!

About the same time, we encountered the wind shifted to a strong upriver wind with white caps. We both decided to head back to the ramp around 12:45. Most the morning we observed the various police and water rescue boats getting practice in for the upcoming holiday weekend. When we got back to the ramp notice the Cincinnati divers were finishing up their drills. Got the boat up on the trailer and drove it to the top of the ramp. There we but the stapes and other things to secure the boat. I broke down my rods and put life jackets, and lunch bag in my car. Mike got in his car to follow me from the ramp. The shakedown of the boat checked out fine, but NO fish in the boat YET!

May 10th my grandson called and said he pick me up to go fishing at a nearby lake. We left for the lake at 16:00 but got hung up in a traffic jam. We got our lines in the lake about 16:45. My grandson spotted the large l.m.Bass he saw the last time he was there. We walked around the lake trying to pick up bluegills. He was also trying to catch some bass as we moved around the lake. I finally settled in one corner of the lake.

I tried casting all around that section of the lake. NOT even a bluegill nick! In the meantime, my grandson went back over to catch the big bass. I did see a female mallard trying to take her 10 chicks for a swim around the lake. Our trip was cut short for my grandson was notified he had a doctor s appointment, so we had to at 18:15. My grandson did manage to catch one small bass. I did not get one tap.

May 18th. I went out to the same lake to fish with Mike at 14:00. Mike was already fishing at a shallow part of the lake. He caught a same channel cat, and he got taps on his bluegill rod. I got my bluegill rig in the water and fished all around Mike but could NOT get a tap. Then Mike caught a 12-inch trout on a large worm. He was still having taps on the blue gill rig. We finally move over to the deep part of the lake. As we left I had a difficult time climbing up the steep bank, Mike had to help me from falling back wards for may balance is bad on steep slopes.

I tried the deep spot with my catfish rig and beef chunk for bait. Mike went down to where I fished on the 10th, he caught another small channel cat there. I did notice the mother had only 1 chick left with her. The big bass and turtles got the other chicks. So once again the fishing gods curse is still there for I cannot even catch any fish. It was getting hot so we called it a day around 15:45 and headed home.

May 16th I finally got my Home Page set up as I had been working since February. There were many frustrating hours, especially trying to deal with my hosting comany. IT IS DONE!!

May 5th. This morning I got a message from another friend ask me to go catfishing with him in his boat. I will meet him in the morning. He has a much larger boat that can handle the fast current. I woke up at 05:30, met Curtis at 07:00 at RIVER SIDE ramp. Curtis went to check if the ramp was in the river. IT was NOT so there was no way to launch his boat in that fast current! This forced us to head to Tanners Creek to launch the boat. We finally got the boat in the water at 08:00
Then we move around Tanners Creek to net some fresh shad for bait. By 09:00 we had enough shad and headed for the Ohio River. The river was muddy with a current of 2.7 mph with a lot of drift flowing in the current.
09:17 our first spot was down river by a grain barge. We had a total of 5 rods out, I had 2 and Curtis had 3. Curtis had fresh shad on his rods. I had as a chunk of thawed skipjack on one line; the one was a chunk of chicken breast. The anchor did not hold, so we had fire up the motor about .5 of a mile down river and the anchor held! Fished there for about 45 minutes then crossed over to the KY. side to fish.
At 11:07 Curtis was pulling in his planner board line when he noticed he had a fish on. It was 10lb.5 pound Bluecat; that put up a fight once he was getting near the boat. At least we got the skunk of the boat. We checked that side of the river with the trolling motor and fish finder, marked no fish at all.
Headed back to the Indiana side and moved up river to a small creek mouth. Fished there for about 1 hour 25 minutes no action at all! 14:00 we called it a day and headed back to the ramp. We did have a nice warm day so it was good to outdoors. Hopefully next time we go the river will be in better shape to fish.

Curtiss 10.5 pound BLUECAT

Curtiss 10.5 blue cat out of Ohio River.

Update April 27th. My friend Mike came over on the 26th. with a new starter battery for the boat. He hooked it and then we got ready to fire up the motor. After a few tries it finally fired up and we ran it to make sure it was spitting out water.
The battery for the trolling motor is bad, so Mike remove to check with his friend about getting a replacement battery. Yesterday mike called said he found the battery, but his friend is charging it up. Monday afternoon he plans to bring it over and get it in the boat. That should solve those 2 problems.
I replaced the broken base mounting on my fish finder. It was a hase larger than the original so I had to drill 2 brand new holes to mount it to the boat. I plugged in the fish find and it powered up just fine.
Not sure when we can take the shake down trip for it is due to rain every day the next 5 days. Not sure how that will jack up the river or the current. Well that is the latest for now, tight lines to all.

April 19th. I stopped by the Schmidt s boat ramp at noon time. The SMALL dock is in the river! I did not see anyone around to take the launch fee. April 20th. My friend Mike came up to help me fire up my boat motor. I had tried to charge the batteries from early in the morning. We had the water turned on to the muffs. As I tried to power up the motor It did not have any power! Mike got in the boat while turned off water of and unplugged the charger. Mike then disconnected the starter battery from charging unit in the boat. We decided to leave the trolling battery in the boat until we can get the motor to fire up. Then we will see if that battery is good or not. Mike said he knew where to get a battery at a good price. We took the battery out and put it in his trunk. We are hopping to take a shake down trip on April 28th, even if the trolling motor battery is ad.

April 11th. This afternoon I finally put the registration sticker on my boat. I went over to my local mom & pop bait shop to get my fishing license I also picked up a coupe small clip bobbers. My friend was with me, and he picked up some hooks for fishing in the river for catfish. He is coming over Thursday afternoon to help me fire up the motor. The Ohio river is finally getting into shape; therefore, I might do a shake down trip next week. Now I must clear out the old gas and get a fresh gallon to fire it up this week.

Feb. 24th. I met my friend at 06:50 to head to Louisville for Catfish + Crappie Conference. He knew his way around the Louisville expressways, so we arrive there at 08:50. When we entered the building there was. already a long line of people waiting to enter the event. I was number 215 when I got into the Conference. My friend and I started our tour of the catfishing vendors. I told my friend I doubt I would buy much for I have much more catfihing gear than I already need.
I would say this if you wanted any thing about fishing gear it was there to buy! I was amazed by the various length of crappie rods up for sale the different colors and size of crappie jigs was amazing. If you were interested in getting a fishing boat they displayed some, but out my price range. My friend did buy a big spool of bright yellow fishing line. Later on he got a bag of peg floats, I only got bag to preserved ASIAN CARP to try out this season. My friend met and talked with a few of the folks. He had met in his past times at the Conference.
We made at least two complete turns of all the vendors. That is when my legs were worn out from all the walking, for that is a huge place! I am sure the folks that went were able to see and try things out in person. From what I saw folks were buying all kinds of fishing rods so I am sure the vendors were pleased the they came.
We headed home a little before noon, since it was a sunny day made good time getting back home. If you need to update or just starting catfishing or crappie fishing it is well worth attending the Conference!

Feb 15th. It was a warm day temps up to 70 degrees, so I decided to charge my boat batteries. It took longer than I had expected, but I got it done. The rain came the next morning, so I was glad I did it on the 15th. Still have problems with my hosting company trying to resolve some problems with 2 web pages. Their instant messaging just does not WORK! I have to keep trying over and over to get a response to my problem. I am seriously considering changing to another HOSTING company that has better customer service! This coming week I have to contact my friend as to when & where we will meet to head to the Catfish Conference. That way we only need to drive one car to the event. He has been to it before, but this will be my first time. I am looking forward to meeting some people I know from the internet face to face.

February 7th I am having a lot more problems updating my home page than I expected! I may not finished all that I wanted by late march the way thing are going right now. For some reason I am having trouble getting the 2 archive pages to get on to the internet! I will keep on trying for that is the major change I want to do.

I am thinking that I might go to the 2023 CATFISH CONFERENCE with my friend.

I intend to spend time over the Winter of 2023 to update my webpage home page, to make it easier to read. I will make up 2 web pages that archive from 2004 up to 2020 covering all my fishing trips over those years. I am learning this is harder than I expected; so it may take severl weeks to complete this task. I am not going to change out any line, for I only got to wet my line a total 6 times all last season! The same holes true with my fishing bag, I still have plenty of items I use from last season. I normally start cat fishing in late March Or early April depending on the Ohio River and the weather.

Here are my hopes for 2023. I want to get out fishing from my boat on the Ohio River many more times than I did in 2022! I also hope to get a lot more action than I did last year. It is possible I may go on a charter trip with a friend on the Tennessee River this summer. I may also fish in some local tournaments this year with that friend.

Dec 21st. Here is my brief summary of my 2022 fishing season. First trip was March 5th., and the last trip was on October 24th. I only had 5 trips on the river all year. I was only able to get my boat on the river 3 times! That was due to I need some to help me with the boat since I am 79 years old with some balance problems. I did boat a 11.9 pound blue catfish and a 3 pound channel cat.

My total catch for my times I got to fish on the river was 5 blue cats,4 channel cats and 1 baby flathead. So I felt it was NOT good season at all! It seems I am still cursed by the fishing gods for some reason. I hope the 2023 that I am able to spend more times fishing from my boat and with my friend s boat. I really am eager to get fishing lots of tight lines when I get on the river.

My 10lb 2oz. blue cat on may 22nd 2022!

DEC 27th. 2021 I called my fishing buddy that helped me with my boat last season. He confirmed he is eager to go out with in the boat. That is at least 1 guy to fish with. I may have 2 more when I get ready to hit the river.
Dec 26th. My son called and wanted know if I want to wet a line with my grandson; who is home from college. Needless to the answer was YES, they picked me up aroun14:15. We got to the, pond around 15:00, and my grandson caught a small L.M.Bass on his first cast!
That was before I got my line in the water. It was a bright sunny day with a slight breeze. The water was crystal clear. I got a number of taps on my bobber rig that was bait with bits thawed shrimp. The fish were very small for they could not pull the bobber under. My grandson did catch a decent crappie later, but I was skunked for the day we packed it in around 15:45, the water was just too cold. It was nice to get out with my son & grandson on such a nice day.


My HOPES for 2022 are rather simple. I hope the guys that helped me with my boat will do so again. That I get more trips with the guys that took me out in their boats. If I do fish from the bank; that I find a shady spot and catch some fish. I hope the Ohio River get into shape to fish before June. My health hangs in there .so I can get out to go fish.

Since the commercial fishermen are monitoring catfishing web sites I will be editing my updates this season for the fish I catch on the river. I will only state the size of the fish and bait used. I will also be blocking out the back ground on any photos, for I do NOT want the C.F. to clean out that area!!

Here is a video of what the COMMERICAL FISHERMEN are doing to the Ohio River where I fish!!! It has impacted the number of decent fish here! So you can understand the rod & reel fishermen's frustration knowing these big catfish will never be retunred to the river.

My largest catfish of 2019 was a 9 pound Blue Cat. I caught it on a chunk of garlic seasoned chicken breast. Here is the photo of that fish.

Here are all my fishing trips log over the past 20 years!

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I have information about COLLECTING as a HOBBY for FUN & extra bucks at


I have made up a page about BANK FISHING spots for CATFISHING on the Ohio River. These spots are around the Downtown area AND EAST of Cincinnati Ohio. Included are some photos to show some of those locations. So check it out BANK FISHING FOR CATFISH

I have a page of all the HOT CATFISHING SPOTS WHERE I have CAUGHT CATFISH out of my BOAT around Downtown Cincinnati over past years. Just send me an e-mail requesting the information. I will send the information back to you via an e-mail attachement!

For all the different baits I have USED for CATFISHING check out.


For proof of BIG catfish can be caught around the Downtown Cincinnati area check out these two pages.

Bill's Huge Channel Cat

Josh's Big BLUE CAT

Here is the biggest catfish of 2007 I caught Nov 10 th.2007 right above the HOOTERS in Newport Ky. across from Cincinnati!

MY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

For tips I have USED to save money on fishing tackle check out.
Home Made Bobber For CATFISHING
Here is my way for hooking up a cheap power set for your portable fishfinder.


CANADIAN Catfishing
If you want to catch HUGE channel cats in the 20 to 25 lb range go to Canada. The Red River at Lockport, Manitoba is the place to go!

Catfishing Trip Of A Life Time

or Lockport Catfishing Experience

Huge Channel Cat from Lockport Manitoba Another Red River Monster Channel Cat from LOCKPORT MANITOBA!

FREE! river stage information for ALL the rivers in the U.S. RIVER STAGE FOR Ohio River at Cincinnati!

UPDATED 1-6-2024/B>

Catfishing Basic Equipment.

  • Decent reel with clicker.
  • 10 to 20lb test line for channel cats.
  • Bag to hold hooks, sinkers, knife etc.
  • Cooler for food and drinks.
  • Camera and weighing scale for evidence of the BIG 1!

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