Cincinnati Rod Bending Catfishing ACTION!

View of Ohio River at Cincinnati OhioMY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

Wet a line and stay awhile!

CELEBRATING over 16 YEARS of providing excellent CATFISHING information for ROD BENDING ACTION in the Cincinnati area of the Ohio River. Blue cats, Flatheads and Channel cats can be hooked right here in the Downtown Cincinnati river front area. I am just an ole retired guy that likes to catfish, I am NOT a catfish guide, I do have a link to a GUIDE for this part of the river on this page if you are seeking a catfish guide trip. Catfishing baits, bank fishing spots, tips from a catfishing guide. Tips for saving money on YOUR catfishing tackle. Information on catfishing baits I have used to catch catfish. Where to go to Catch HUGE channel cats in Canada.

For 2017 I wish everyone GOOD HEALTH and TIGHT LINES!

Since the commercial fishermen are monitoring catfishing web sites I will be editing my updates this season. I will only state the size of the fish and bait used. I will also be blocking out the back ground on any photos, for I do NOT want the C.F. to clean out that area!!

Three trips ONE BITE, one catfish. September 28th. I finally got out in my boat and launch from Schmidt’s ramp. I had the boat in the water by 08:30. I tried 4 different spots had only one bite at the second spot. A small flat head catfish 23 inches and 5 pounds swallowed a chunk of thawed Shad. No action at all at the other spots so called it a day at 12:30. The upriver wind and lack of current did cause me problems keeping the rods facing down river.

Sept 30 I was fishing my second catfish tournament in 11 years. This was local club that had 13 boats entered for the event. I did learn a lot about drift fishing that day. We did not catch anything. We learned at the weigh-in a number of other boats were also skunked as well. I was worn out by the time I got home; I am just not used to fishing from 8 a.m. till 3 p.m.

Oct 2nd. I went bank fishing with my brother from 8:30 till 12:30. We had thawed skipjack, Gizzard Shad and different season chicken breast for bait. Wonderful sunny day, river in great shape. We had just four light taps but no bites for our efforts. So we packed it in at 12:30 and headed back home. Seems the fishing gods are still against me just can NOT get any action very depressing. I am just not sure where to take my boat to wet a line.

September 18th. I picked up my brother from the nursing home around 08:00 to head for the Ohio River. We got our lines in the river around 08:50. The river was clear with a slow current, and a slight ripple on the water. At 08:55 I got a slight tap on one of my rods that was bait with a small skipjack. I took this as a good sign that we were going to get some action for a change.

09:20 my brother had a gar bite which got our heart beats up a little. He was getting another tape at 10:05 then the fish hit it hard. He was by his rod this time and hooked the fish. The Channel cat was 22 inches long, and weighed 5.75 pounds. So he broke the ice, this was also on a small skipjack. We had fresh Gizzard Shad as well, I even threw out a live Shad but nothing hit it.

After that we had just a few taps no real hard bites. I tried other baits; seasoned chicken breast, chicken gizzards, and even thawed creek chubs but no takers. It got very warm and no action so we packed it in and headed home around 13:00.

My brother had bragging rights once again the big fish and only fish. I got skunked for the second time in a row. Have to see how thing work out the next time we go. I want to get out sometime this week in my boat to see if I can have better luck.

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September 11, 2017 I picked up my brother for some catfishing on the river at around 08:00. We got our lines in the river at 08,45 there was a cool wind and hazy sunshine. 09:05 I got a tap on shad oil soaked chicken breast, 0915 another tap same bait. 09:30 my brother hooked a small channel. 10:07 my bother caught a nice size Silver Perch (DRUM) on skipjack. The fish was 27 inches, 8.5 pounds. I asked him if he wanted a picture with the fish, he said no. So the Perch was quickly returned to the river and it swam away. That is the reason for no photo to share with this posting.

That was the end of the action for the day, except for the taps by gar. We called it a day around 12:30 and headed home. The weather was fine and if the fish were biting, we would have stayed longer. My brother got the bragging rights on this trip. I hope to get out in my boat sometime in the future just not sure when that will be.

August 31st. I picked up my brother around 08:00 and drove to our fishing spot. Since his health condition limits his walking we have access to a dock for fishing. We got our lines in the river at 08:45; river was down, clear and a light current. A friend gave us a bunch of 5-7 inch Skipjacks for bait as he had more than he needed. So we had good bait for the cats to hit to start off the day. I got a tap at 09:27 on a piece of garlic chicken breast. 09:05 I got a tap on the skipjack. 09:53 tap on a garlic seasoned chicken heart, so we were getting some action on this trip.

My brother is a firm believer on circle hooks that the fish WILL HOOK THEMSELF so he is very slow in going for his rod. The fish was hammering the rod in the rod holder on the railing. Bouncing it up and down, I grabbed my brother to get him walking to the rod, just then we saw it flip off the railing with the rod holder and all! The water is 14 feet at the dock, I tried to retrieve it with the other rod; no luck. So he lost a very decent size fish and about $80 worth of fishing gear!

10:30 I finally hooked a fish; a decent blue cat 24 inches and 51/4 pounds on the garlic seasoned chicken heart! 10: 40 a hard bite on the chicken heart had it for a couple turns of the reel then nothing. We both had a number of taps after that and came to realize the gars were the reason.

Just as we were winding in to calling it a day my brother did have a baby blue cat on the end of his line that did take the skipjack. So we were not skunked this trip for a change. I hope my brother learns his lesson and keeps a bungee cord to his rod to prevent it from flipping into the river. Headed home at 12:30, not sure when we will go back there; for lot of rain is forecasted for our area. That will mess the river up again for some time.

MY 5 1/4 pound Bluecat August 31 2017!

August 25th. Update I left the house around 07:30 heading to the West side of Cincinnati with my boat. I had been eager to go back to the spot where the guide had taken us on the 13th. I got the boat down the steep ramp at the marina found the water was very shallow, so I was very careful moving thru the marina. I did catch about 6 Gizzard Shad as I headed out of the creek. Just as I got to the mouth of the creek I spotted the guide and his boat heading for the same spot I had hoped to fish. He was going to get there long before me I just had to check out other spots by the creek.

I did mark some fish above the creek so I got my lines in the river around 09:20. It was a bright sunny day, slow current; and down river breeze perfect conditions for fishing. 10:10 I move down below the creek after marking fish. Not any action so I pull the anchor and headed far below where the guide was fishing. I did mark fish once again, this time I got two light taps on the fresh Shad around 11:15.

I looked back and saw the guide leaving the spot and running hard back up the river. I then motored up to the spot and got my lines in the water. I got to hard bites but missed both of them. The one on the bobber rig surprised me for it was drifting with current and just got slammed, I grabbed the rod and pulled back but missed the fish! That was the end of the action.

12:45 I called it a day to head back to the ramp and home. It just was another frustrating time on the river; just 2 taps and 2 bites for all the effort of getting the boat ready and launching. I am just not sure where to try to fish.

The more I talk with folks seems no one is having much luck catching many catfish or big catfish. The guy that takes runs the Schmidt Ramp says even the guide is having a hard time getting fish. I take it that is why he was down at that spot for it is on the Ohio side and is holding catfish. The commercial fishermen cannot set hoop nets there!

August 13 th. Since my brother had not caught a fish and his health is a problem, he decided to hire a guide for a trip. We meet the guide at 06:00 in the morning with his and my help my brother was able to get into the boat. The guide provided the bait and my rods. My brother insisted on using HIS rods and how he wanted to use them. We did have a lot of action at the first spot until the pleasure boat showed up. The more boat the slower the action. We fished two other spots; my brother caught a small blue cat at the second place. The third spot no bites at all. We did catch a total of 15 catfish, one small flathead, 2 blue cats and the rest channel cats. No real monsters but a number of 5-6 pounders, not sure how many big cats are left in this part of the river. That is the most catfish either my or I have caught in one day in several years. My brother wanted to catch cats and we did so I am sure he was please with the results.We got back to the ramp at 13:30, ready to get home and rest.

MY brother reeling one of his bluecats he caught that trip August 13 2017!

July 30 th. Update: I hope to get back to getting some catfishing from my boat this week. The river has been muddied up and fast current from the heavy rain storms of the past week. I have plenty of baits to temp the catfish to bite, just want some action for my efforts.

July 15th. Update: I picked up my brother at 08:00 and drove to our spot on the river for some catfishing. We got our four lines in water at 08:45, some current and river was slightly muddy. A friend of ours that also fishes there gave us about 18 fresh Gizzard Shad before he left for the day. I hooked my first catfish of this year at 09:15 on a chunk of fresh shad he gave us. That Channel cat was 27 inches and weighed about 12 pounds with my shaky hands trying to read the scale.

MY 12 pound channel cat July 15 20171st cat of the season!

10:15 had another hard bite on chunk of shad, since we were bank fishing I had to free the rod from the bungee cord. I had a circle hook raised the rod slowly and stared winding in the line. I felt the fish and realized it was a decent fish. I knew I needed a dip net, while I was waiting for my brother to get the dip net I just keep slight pressure on the fish. When I decided to work the fish closer he got off! I never saw it; I just know it was not as big as the other catfish.

No more bites after that, finally called it a day at 12:00. I just cannot figure out why we did not get more bites with fresh Shad as bait. Well at least we will have some frozen Shad to start with next time we wet a line.

Be sure to support you LOCAL BAIT SHOPS during these rought times as best you can. Once those folks close down there will NOT be anyone to provide that service to us.

July 7th. UPDATE: My grandson, granddaughter and I went catfishing in my boat. My granddaughter had the best bite of the day, a small catfish was hanging on to the bait right up to the boat. Just as I was getting the net ready the fish left go of the bait and got away! The rest of the day we had bites and hard taps, just could not hook the fish. We had hits on seasoned chicken breast, French fries, and chicken liver. The fish just tapped the chicken liver and cleaned the bait no matter what we did to keep the bait on the hook.

There was a breeze that allowed us to stay fishing longer, for the temp was around 90 degrees. At 14:00 we finally called it a day and headed to the ramp and home. We did not catch fish but had some action which made time go by faster. We intend to try again next week and hope to get some catfish in the boat.

Here is the video clip I made of RIGS I use to catch SKIPJACKS for catfish bait from YOUTUBE.

June 30th. I picked up my grandson at 08:30, then got get gas for the boat motor. I drove up river to a new ramp to launch the boat. My grandson had been fishing friends and had been catching a number of fish at a new spot. We got our lines in the water by that area at 09:15. The sky was overcast with a down river breeze, current was stronger than I had expected. The anchor did hold this time so we were set up just right.

My grandson caught a 24 inch, 6.5 pounds Channel cat on Shrimp. I had a hard bite on onion seasoned chicken breast at 10:50. My grandson then hooked his second Channel cat at 11:05. This fish was 22 inches and 5:75 pounds on a chunk of old Spam. He said he and his friends had caught all their fish on French fries. We tied up at the dock of the restaurant and had some lunch with French fries. Now we had the fries for bait. We then set out in the boat about 30 feet from the dock to fish. 12:50 my grandson got his third catfish of the day. This was a smaller Channel cat 19 inches, 3.5 pounds. That fish hit the fresh French fries! My grandson had two more bites on the French fries, but missed hooking the fish. 13:15 he hooked the final fish of the day, another Channel cat. This fish was also on the smaller side about 17 inches, 3 pounds.

14:45 we called it a day and head back to the ramp. At long last we got some fish into the boat! I am sure he is NOW eager to go on more catfishing trips in the boat. He put it to me again, I had 2 bites and he hooked 4 catfish and a number of bites. We were so pleased to get some ACTION since the first two trips we never even got one bite.

June 21st. My granddaughter and I left the house at 07:45for a catfishing trip in my boat. I drove to the Schmidt’s field ramp; it was closed for a construction project. So I decided we would check out the ramp on the west side of Cincinnati. When we got there I was informed the dock was under water! The only other spot I could think of at that time was up to New Richmond’s dock. After a 25 minute drive we did get to the ramp and the dock was o.k.! We finally got the boat in the river around 10:00. I headed the boat up river on the Ky. side looked for the California ramp. The current was stronger than I had expected but the temperature was nice and slight breeze made it pleasant on the water. I had the fish finder on the whole time only 15-18 feet deep and NO fish being marked. I finally stopped the boat and dropped the anchor to get our lines in the water. We had 4 rod out with 4 different baits, shrimp, cut skipjack dead creek chub and seasoned chicken breast. After 25 minutes we pull in the lines, not one bite. I got the anchor up and headed across to the Ohio side.
We motored on down river to the old dam area I marked 1 small fish after checking the dam over twice. I then fired up the boat to go down to the power plant. Once again I had problem with the anchor not grabbing but finally it held. We fished here as we did up river with the same results, NO bites. I went to lift the anchor it was hung up on a cable and was not able to free it; I had to cut the rope. So we called it a day at 12:25 and head back up river to the ramp. My granddaughter and I did have a good day weather wise to be on the river. It was great to share time with each other, just a shame we did not have any action. Hopefully the next time we go she will land a good size catfish.

June 8th Update 09:20 I picked up my grandson and got some gas then headed for the river and the first trip in the boat for this year. We finally got the boat in the water around 10:15. I headed the boat down river, stronger current than I had expected. I stopped the boat at a creek mouth to net Shad. I got 1 shad, on the next throw the net got hung up on a snag. I wound up having to cut lines and lost it. We marked fish just below the creek so that we finally got our lines in the water around 10:45. We cut up the fresh shad for bait on 2 of the rods, thawed bluegills and skipjack on the other 2 rods. We fished there for around 30 minutes NO bites. Motored back up river and spotted another load of fish, so fished there for some time.

That occurred for the rest of the trip no bites at all, we did try at 6 different spots. The motor worked fine so that was good. I forgot how hard it is to pull a 15 pound anchor up out of 45 feet of water. The weather was just right temperature wise. We called it a day at around 1:45 and headed back to the ramp. I just keep hoping to get some action especially with my grandson so he has the thrill of catching some catfish.

Here is a video of what the COMMERICAL FISHERMEN are doing to the Ohio River where I try to fish!!! So you can understand the rod & reel fishermen frustration knowing these big catfish will never be retunred to the river.

Feb 26th. Last week we had very warm wether here so I picked up my brother at 13:05 for our first bank catfishing trip this year to the Ohio River. We got out lines in the river at 13:30; the river was muddy and decent amount of current. Once the sun got out the temperature was decent with a light jacket to block the breeze. We had 5 rods out with shrimp and seasoned chicken breast for bait. No bites at all at 15:30, a guy came back to the ramp to get his boat out of the river. He gave us his left over frozen skip jacks for bait. I put some cut Skip Jack on my two rods to see if that would get some action. It did not make any difference with getting the catfish to bite. At 16:30 we packed it in and headed home, for we never even got a solid bite. It was a nice day to be out especially for February, just hope we get some action in the future.

February 6th. Update: Since the catfish in my part of the Ohio River have been depleted so much I am considering fishing for Striper bass. This is all new to me as I never fished for Stripers before. I normally anchor up with my boat and fish dead line for catfish. I have posted messages to several fishing groups and viewed many videos on the web. I have obtained some good information from the replies to my post and I am grateful to all those folks. I intend to start each fishing trip this season catfishing, but might have 1 rod ready just for striper fishing
I am also going to be checking out some local spots for creek chubs. That way I can stock up on some bait fish to have ready for the start of my catfishing season. The way the weather and river works around here I figure the first of March should be when I start wetting a line.

December 2nd update: Here is a summary of MY 2016 disappointing CATFISHING season. I put in a good amount of effort with not much in the way of action from the fish. I went on 25 combined bank and boat trips. I had a grand total of 14 catfish and my grandson boated one nice Channel cat.

One big Bluecat two other decent size catfish and rest channels cats 2.5 to 8.5 pounds comprised the size of the fish that were hooked.

I used various types of baits, cut shad & skipjacks, shrimp hot dogs, seasoned chicken breast and chicken liver.

Next year I am considering going up to W.V. section of the Ohio River. The Ohio AND W.V. DO NOT allow commercial fishermen on that part of the Ohio River. It is a shame but that might be the only way to hook into a decent number and size of catfish again.

To save space on THIS page I have move my 2016 updates to
Here are the detail UPDATES for my 2016 season.

Here is a video of what the COMMERICAL FISHERMEN are doing to the Ohio River where I try to fish!!! So you can understand the rod & reel fishermen frustration knowing these big catfish will never be retunred to the river.

Oct 10th A decent size flathead catfish from the Ohio River near Cincinnati Ohio!

13.5 pound  flathead catfish from Ohio River near Cincinnati Ohio

On May the 14th. 2016 I got a small freezer at an estate sale yesterday for my FISHING BAIT! My wife is also happy that the bait is out of our big freezer. So I now have a place to keep a load of Skipjacks. With the river getting down I hope to start catching some in the next couple of weeks. I should finally get my boat in the river to go after some catfish.
I also did some shopping at my hometown city wide yard sale. I came home with an open face fishing rig for skipjacks and a backpack to carry my bluegill & skipjack gear. I got great deals at both the estate sale and the yard sales. Proof again that YOU can save money shopping at such places.

Here is a link to a KINDLE e-book “Shop To Save !” that will help YOU to get similar deals on items YOU want or need.



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SUMMARY OF 2014 CATFISHING SEASON: I started this season in August for various reasons. I only got 7 trips 3 in my new boat, 4 from the bank with my brother. The number and size of the fish I caught was very disappointing. I caught 3 channel cats, 4 blue cats, 1 Sheep head perch. The biggest fish was a channel cat only 3 3/4 pounds.

In 2015 I intend to fishing from the boat & bank as often as the river conditions allow. I now am certain I can handle the big boat at the ramp. I may even have some help next year from my grandson. I may even try to enter a local tournament if I can find a partner. I just hope there enough decent size catfish left around here to make the reward worth the effort.

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Aug 13th. 2013 Talked with some guys that are divers that work on the river, they informed up they have seen the Asian Carp up at Point Pleasant, Ohio. That means these fish are certainly in the Markland pool!!

Professional Cincinnati catfishing guide Dale Broughton puts the cards on the table as how he goes about catching big catfish out of the Ohio River around here. Check out


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Here the UPDATES for my 2012 season.





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I have a page of all the HOT CATFISHING SPOTS WHERE I have CAUGHT CATFISH out of my BOAT around Downtown Cincinnati over past years. Just send me an e-mail requesting the information. I will send the information back to you via an e-mail attachement!

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Here is the biggest catfish of 2007 I caught Nov 10 th.2007 right above the HOOTERS in Newport Ky. across from Cincinnati!

MY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

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CANADIAN Catfishing
If you want to catch HUGE channel cats in the 20 to 25 lb range go to Canada. The Red River at Lockport, Manitoba is the place to go!

Catfishing Trip Of A Life Time

or Lockport Catfishing Experience

Huge Channel Cat from Lockport Manitoba Another Red River Monster Channel Cat from LOCKPORT MANITOBA!

FREE! river stage information for ALL the rivers in the U.S. RIVER STAGE FOR Ohio River at Cincinnati!

UPDATED 10-04-17

Catfishing Basic Equipment.

  • Decent reel with clicker.
  • 10 to 20lb test line for channel cats.
  • Bag to hold hooks, sinkers, knife etc.
  • Cooler for food and drinks.
  • Camera and weighing scale for evidence of the BIG 1!

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