View of Ohio River at Cincinnati OhioMY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

Wet a line and stay awhile!

CELEBRATING over 19 YEARS of providing excellent CATFISHING information for ROD BENDING ACTION in the Cincinnati area of the Ohio River. Blue cats, Flatheads, and Channel cats can be hooked right here in the Downtown Cincinnati river front area. I am just an ole retired guy that likes to catfish, I am NOT a catfish guide, I do have a link to a GUIDE for this part of the river on this page if you are seeking a catfish guide trip. Catfishing baits, bank fishing spots, tips from a catfishing guide. Tips for saving money on YOUR catfishing tackle. Information on catfishing baits I have used to catch catfish. Where to go to Catch HUGE Channel cats in Canada.

For 2019 I wish everyone GOOD HEALTH and TIGHT LINES!

I know this OFF TOPIC but this is for guys 65 and over that like to play SOFTBALL. There is a senior softball league right here in Cincinnati. Yesterday Kids had games 3 days a week, Monday & Thursday for anyone 65+, Tuesday 74+. You only need to run to 1st base then someone can run for you.

It is a social league for guys to have fun playing softball again! The league needs new players to fill the roster of teams. There are no try outs, the managers hold a draft to make up their teams. So loosen up that throwing arm and join in the fun.

For anyone interested here is the link to get all the details. at the YESTERDAYS KIDS web page.

My 2019 Catfishing Plan I hope to be able to use my boat to go catfishing more in 2019 than I have the past two years. Right now the Ohio River is non fish able again, as it has been too many times in 2018. Should the Ohio repeat the conditions again this season than I will become a lake fisherman.

My local lakes are on the small size so the use of shad is NOT allowed. I will try using catalpa worms next summer if I can find them. There are only a few catalpa trees in my city and not sure if the will have worms on them.

I am considering driving to the larger lakes to use my boat. I will have to contact some local folks to help me catfish in those lakes. Hopefully I will be able to have them go out in my boat to harvest some cats for the freezer.

Should the Ohio get into good fishing shape then I would like my hand at fishing a local catfish tournament. My big concern is I am not sure my live well is big enough to hold a couple of 15 pound catfish.

YOU can sharpen up your catfish catching skills by reading this informative Kindle e-book. Just CLICK on the photo and it will connect you to the Amazon book store! So check it out, it cost less than a dozen night crawlers at the bait shop.


My fishing season started February 25th., and ended October 27th..I had hoped to get a lot of catfishing out of my boat on the Ohio River this season. The river was up & down with fast current all this year.
My first trip in my boat did not happen till June 22nd., the river was running very hard. Had a large tree come down on our anchor rope and snapped the anchor rope, ended that trip.
July my grandson and I were fishing with a catfish pro in his boat. Noah had a good day3 catfish 7 Hybrid striped Bass. I caught a 4 3/4pound channel cat. The day was cut short due a thunder storm moving right up the river.
I did try my luck at my when the river was messed up. My grandson did catch some catfish and a couple of L. M. Bass. Me I had one nice catfish; it ran me into a snag, I had to beak the line!
Best catfishing I had was a pond my friend had access to for fishing. I did catch a number of channel cats and even L.M. Bass and a Hybrid Bass.
I fished with my brother a number of times from a dock on the river. He did catch some cats and a perch, but I was skunked every trip. His health finally gave out this fall. He will be watching from heaven for rest of my fishing trips.
So this has been a LOUSY fishing year for me! I caught only 1 catfish in my boat all year. Not sure how many years I can handle fishing from the boat in the future. If the reward for effort stays as bad as the last few years then I will become a bank fisherman.

Since the commercial fishermen are monitoring catfishing web sites I will be editing my updates this season for the fish I catch on the river. I will only state the size of the fish and bait used. I will also be blocking out the back ground on any photos, for I do NOT want the C.F. to clean out that area!!

11-12 UPDATE: With the Ohio River back up to 42 ft. I doubt I will be able to get my boat out for anymore trip for this year. I will out of town visiting family from mid November for a over week. So by the time I get back the winter weather will showing up. I may still get some bank fishing in if the river settles down. There are a couple of lakes I might hit if the river is too messed up. Bottom line I am not sure how much fishing I will do the rest of this year, but I am not going to be out in my boat till next Spring.

10-5. I picked up my grandson to do some catfishing at a local small lake around 11:00 We stopped to get some night crawlers on the way to the lake. We got our lines in the water at 11:50. At 12:00 we started getting some bluegills for bait catfish bait. 12:50 my grandson caught a 9 inch hybrid bluegill.
13:15 we set up and I decided to use chicken liver this time. My first cast at 13:25 I had a catfish on the line, but my knot came lose at the hook! 13:45 the fish hit it but would not run with bait
14:30 we moved to a third spot, by this time it was getting hot once more. Around 14:50 my grandson hooked into a 3-4 pound Channel cat on his bluegill rod. We had it right up to the bank when the 6 pound test line broke! After he retired his rod he hooked a bigger catfish according to him, this one got hung up on a snag. He had to break his line, so once again bad luck struck.
We pack it in and headed for home at 15:30, for the fish stopped biting and the air was getting hotter. My grandson out fished me again, with 1 catfish and the biggest and most bluegills. One of these days hopefully we will get to catch a mess of catfish. As we have been saying “we tried.”

Here is a brief summary of my last three catfishing trips.
August 31st. I took my brother to a local county lake. We had six rods in the water; we used cut bait, seasoned chicken breast. At the end of 3 hours of fishing we had not even a tap. It was getting hot so we packed it in for the day.

August 29th. My friend invited me to fish a private pond. It was a warm day but we did have some good action for a change. My friend caught 5 channel cats and 4 small L.M. Bass. I caught 1 channel cat, 1 striped Bass, 4 blue gills, and snagged a small turtle. I also had a nice bass throw the hook right at the bank. All my action came on my bluegill rod, Had 2 taps on my catfish rod. A heavy rain shower at noon time ended our day, but it was fun to catch some fish again. I look forward to returning to that pond this fall.

August 26th. My grandson & I got out on my boat on the Ohio River. We fished four different spots along the river. We used one fresh Shad cut up, seasoned chicken breast, hot seasoned mett, shrimp for bait. My grandson got 3 taps and I got 1 on the strawberry seasoned chicken. Those taps were at one spot, nothing else happen the rest of the trip. So it was another disappointing trip in the boat. Long boat rides but no fish in the boat.

my 2lb 2 oz channel cat

12th. AugustI have had many things happen that has delayed updating this page. I have been fishing in a couple lakes and the Ohio River bank & in my boat 15 times since my last entry. The trips to the lakes had to do with the Ohio River being too high and muddy to fish. My first trip in my boat on the river was June 22nd! One trip was with my brother on a guided trip, where I caught three catfish. One other trip with a friend in his boat I caught 1 catfish. One trip to a friend’s lake I caught a nice channel catfish. I finally got my first catfish in my boat on august the 9th!

So this has not been a very good catfishing season so far for me. I am hoping that thing really get better in the weeks ahead. The water should cool down some in September & and October. The river should be very stable and clear, the bait fish should be easier to get.

April 19 UPDATE: I took a Florida fishing trip from april 11th to the 16th. The motel my fiend and I stayed at was a good set up for us. They had a small dock that was off the Intercostals Water Way for us to fish if we wanted.

My friend is a pier fishermen fan so we did go to 2 different piers in two days. It is a very different way of fishing that I am used to doing. You do get plenty of bites, hooking the fish is hard part. The fish just peck and peck your bait. Just about the time you want to pull they drop the bait. I learned most of the time the fish have cleaned off your hook. The folks at the piers have a tendency to crowd your space to cast their lines. We did catch enough Blue Runner fish the second day for a nice dinner meal.

Saturday night I went out to our dock to fish for some catfish that might be there. I had squid for bait the whole time I was fishing on this trip, and it worked well. Since I was warned about one of the catfish down there is known to fin you and cause a lot of pain I was very careful whenever I caught one. That night I caught two catfish, both swallow the bait so I just cut the line. Called a day at 20:30 for I was planning on trying dock the next morning.

we were informed the weather was going to be too windy for pier fishing. The wind was blowing up to 35 mph so we did fish from 09:20 on the dock till noon time. I did catch 3 more catfish, biggest was in the 3-4 pound range. My friend caught a Lady Fish a small sea bass and a couple other small fish. Then the rain showed up for the rest of the day. A cold front was coming in; that my friend said would kill off fishing for a couple of days. So we decided to head back home a day early.

It was a learning experience and I did get some days with warm and sunny weather. I am a home body, so it is good to be back home again.

The weather so far this Spring has been ROTTEN, I have not been able get get out and fished as I had hoped to do. That is the reason for no updates for some time.
April 6th.My grandson and I tried to catch some catfish at a local county lake. Got our lines in the water around 11:40, there were already a number of other fishermen at the dam wall area.
The lake water was clouded up some and strong winds keep on gusting while we were there. We had chicken liver and strawberry seasoned chicken breast for bait. Both of us had one rod dead line and one with a bobber rig.
I got one bite on the bobber rig with the chicken breast at 12:20, my only bite of the day. My grandson tried for some trout with corn and had a couple of bites but no hook ups. At 13:50 he did finally catch a decent size Bluegill on a wax worm. So He was not skunked anyway. Of the 7 guys fishing by us, I only saw 2 of them catch fish. The one guy had a number of channel cats and a few trout in his basket. He was using night crawlers for bait. The other guy I saw caught 1 channel cat
We packed it in and headed for home around 14:30. No bites and the winds were getting stronger. Since the river is in flood might have try there again in the future. The fishing gods are still mad at me for something, for I just can not get any action when fishing. The positive side we were able to spend some time together. I also figured out the problem I had with my closed face spinning reel so it cast well now.

Feb 27th. Joe took me to a private pond that he has access to fish. He got his line in the water at 1:15 p.m., I was trying out my wireless depth finder. For neither one of us had any idea of how deep or what structure of this pond. The water was muddy and a steady breeze was blowing all the time we were there. The water temp was around 60 degress. Joe hooked a 10 inch L.M.Bass at 1:30 on a night crawler, so I thought this was going to be a busy day.

Then nothing much happened, Joe did get a blue gill that he then try for bait. Then around 2:45 the bluegills started hitting my small bobber set up. My catfish bobber rig just got one light tap all day.

They were biting very softly just barely moving the bobber before going with it. That was why about half swallowed the hook. We called it a day around 4:30 all of the fish were caught on night crawler. I had a total of 16 bluegills and one white Crappie. It was a good way to spend a sunny day. I am looking forward to going back the when the weather is warmer.

FEB 19th Update: My brother and I went to our local bait shop and got our 2018 license before the price increase. Then we went to scout out a county lake to check out the shore line. Since he has trouble walking the bank can NOT be steep at all. The roads around the lake were closed but did look over the ramp area.
We could bank fish around that area and across the other side when they open up that road. We tried to check out the dam area but the road was closed so not able to check it out at all. The Lake itself was very muddy, not sure when it will be cleared up to fish. At least I know where the ramp and dock is located to launch my boat later this season.

Jan 1st UPDATE: I will be doing a lot of lake fishing for catfish that is new for me in 2018. My brother and I will be checking out new bank fishing spot since the old spot is no longer productive.

I will also be using the Santee rig to see if it increases my number of bites. I am hoping these efforts will allow me & my brother to once again have some very fun day’s catfishing again. I wish everyone loads of action this coming season!

December 28 UPDATE My brother and I agreed that we will be fishing at different spot from the bank next season. A lot will depend on how well he can walk. We have scouted out a number of places on the Ohio side of the river. That he might be able to get down to the bank. All of that depends on my brother’s and me staying healthy.

Our cousin talked to my brother and says he has some spots on the Kentucky side we should check out. Our nephew also said he will try to get access to a boat ramp on the Kentucky bank. So we will see how that works out.

Next major change is I will be taking my boat out to a local lake whenever the Ohio River is messed up. I know there are big blues and flatheads in that lake. I have seen photos taken by friends that caught the big ones. There are also a good number of channel cats so looking forward to more catfishing action.

I also may try entering a couple local catfish tournament with my grandson next season. I will just have to wait and see on that idea. I hope these efforts will results in more catfish catching than in the past two years. I wish tight lines to all the folks that wet a line in 2018.

December 4th update: Since my brother and I realized it was going to be the last nice day for catfishing this year we decided to give it one more try. I picked him up at 11:00 and headed for the Ohio River. It was cooler than I expected but the river was in good shape for fishing so we expected some action. We had 5 rods in the water, frozen cut skipjack, shad, hot dogs, and chicken breast for bait. As it turned out the fish did not care for our offerings, just two light taps for our efforts. So once again another frustrating day, 3.5 hours and that was it for any action.

We both agreed that next season to fish a different spot; the problem is my brother’s health restricts how far he can walk. We have scouted out a couple spots that might work for him. The big question is, are there any catfish at those spots. Bottom line is we had a nice day to be outdoors but got SKUNKED!

This was not a great year for catfishing on the river. This Spring time I had many things going on I really did not get on the river till late June. I tried a number of new spots with not much in the way of hooking fish. My grandson was helping me with boat this year and did better than me when we were together. I did get to a pond with a friend and caught 3 nice channel cats there. I am really eager to get back to that pond next year. My brother hired a guide for a trip and it was a fun day. My brother caught 5 catfish I boated 10. That was the most catfish we have caught on one trip in years.

I had high hopes for more action in the Fall but it did not happen. Out in the boat on several trips I skunked or just 1 or 2 cats the other times my biggest cat of the year was 27 inch channel cat of 12 pounds, that was from the bank fishing with my brother.

Next year I am going to be taking my boat out to A.J Jolly Lake when the river is messed up. I have seen photos of the blue cats from there so will give it a try. If any of you reading this have any tips where to wet my line drop me an E-MAIL. It was great to spend time with my grandson in the boat looking forward to many more next season. I wish everyone lots of tight lines whenever you wet a line.

Here is a video of what the COMMERICAL FISHERMEN are doing to the Ohio River where I try to fish!!! So you can understand the rod & reel fishermen frustration knowing these big catfish will never be retunred to the river.

December 2nd update: Here is a summary of MY 2016 disappointing CATFISHING season. I put in a good amount of effort with not much in the way of action from the fish. I went on 25 combined bank and boat trips. I had a grand total of 14 catfish and my grandson boated one nice Channel cat.

One big Bluecat two other decent size catfish and rest channels cats 2.5 to 8.5 pounds comprised the size of the fish that were hooked.

I used various types of baits, cut shad & skipjacks, shrimp hot dogs, seasoned chicken breast and chicken liver.

Next year I am considering going up to W.V. section of the Ohio River. The Ohio AND W.V. DO NOT allow commercial fishermen on that part of the Ohio River. It is a shame but that might be the only way to hook into a decent number and size of catfish again.

To save space on THIS page I have move my 2017 updates to
Here are the detail UPDATES for my 2017 season.

To save space on THIS page I have move my 2016 updates to
Here are the detail UPDATES for my 2016 season.

Oct 10th A decent size flathead catfish from the Ohio River near Cincinnati Ohio!

13.5 pound  flathead catfish from Ohio River near Cincinnati Ohio

On May the 14th. 2016 I got a small freezer at an estate sale yesterday for my FISHING BAIT! My wife is also happy that the bait is out of our big freezer. So I now have a place to keep a load of Skipjacks. With the river getting down I hope to start catching some in the next couple of weeks. I should finally get my boat in the river to go after some catfish.
I also did some shopping at my hometown city wide yard sale. I came home with an open face fishing rig for skipjacks and a backpack to carry my bluegill & skipjack gear. I got great deals at both the estate sale and the yard sales. Proof again that YOU can save money shopping at such places.

Here is a link to a KINDLE e-book “Shop To Save !” that will help YOU to get similar deals on items YOU want or need.



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SUMMARY OF 2014 CATFISHING SEASON: I started this season in August for various reasons. I only got 7 trips 3 in my new boat, 4 from the bank with my brother. The number and size of the fish I caught was very disappointing. I caught 3 channel cats, 4 blue cats, 1 Sheep head perch. The biggest fish was a channel cat only 3 3/4 pounds.

In 2015 I intend to fishing from the boat & bank as often as the river conditions allow. I now am certain I can handle the big boat at the ramp. I may even have some help next year from my grandson. I may even try to enter a local tournament if I can find a partner. I just hope there enough decent size catfish left around here to make the reward worth the effort.

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Aug 13th. 2013 Talked with some guys that are divers that work on the river, they informed up they have seen the Asian Carp up at Point Pleasant, Ohio. That means these fish are certainly in the Markland pool!!

Professional Cincinnati catfishing guide Dale Broughton puts the cards on the table as how he goes about catching big catfish out of the Ohio River around here. Check out


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Here the UPDATES for my 2012 season.





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To save space on THIS page I have move some of my 2011 updates to
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My 15 pound BLUECAT that like red hot smokeys.MY 15 pound BLUECAT caught aug. 18th 2009!

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I have a page of all the HOT CATFISHING SPOTS WHERE I have CAUGHT CATFISH out of my BOAT around Downtown Cincinnati over past years. Just send me an e-mail requesting the information. I will send the information back to you via an e-mail attachement!

Email: mail box

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For proof of BIG catfish can be caught around the Downtown Cincinnati area check out these two pages.

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Here is the biggest catfish of 2007 I caught Nov 10 th.2007 right above the HOOTERS in Newport Ky. across from Cincinnati!

MY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

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Home Made Bobber For CATFISHING
Here is my way for hooking up a cheap power set for your portable fishfinder.


CANADIAN Catfishing
If you want to catch HUGE channel cats in the 20 to 25 lb range go to Canada. The Red River at Lockport, Manitoba is the place to go!

Catfishing Trip Of A Life Time

or Lockport Catfishing Experience

Huge Channel Cat from Lockport Manitoba Another Red River Monster Channel Cat from LOCKPORT MANITOBA!

FREE! river stage information for ALL the rivers in the U.S. RIVER STAGE FOR Ohio River at Cincinnati!

UPDATED 01-02-19

Catfishing Basic Equipment.

  • Decent reel with clicker.
  • 10 to 20lb test line for channel cats.
  • Bag to hold hooks, sinkers, knife etc.
  • Cooler for food and drinks.
  • Camera and weighing scale for evidence of the BIG 1!

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