First Time Out In My Fishing Boat


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Finally got my boat in the river for first time in 2004. Launched from The FREE ramp at the Cincinnati Public landing. Checked out the spots that I was shown last October by a fishing guide. With my depth finder I saw how deep the holes were. I also checked out another hole a guy told me about last week.

I got my lines in the water at 08:15; clear water, no wind and cloud covered sky. I got only a couple of light taps; so I headed for the 2nd. spot.
I moved up river to the 2nd. hole; this one 50ft. deep! I did see some fish on the fish finder. I caught my fist cat of the day. A 3.6 lb channel cat hit the garlic salted chicken liver. I had a wicked hit, for the fish just kept running my clicker; without slowing down. I pulled on the rod and hooked him; however the line just kept on running off the reel. Tried to tighten down the drag, but it had very little effect. I did get him turned and headed towards the boat. I tightened down the drag some more to try to get him up off the bottom. I had him coming for a couple turns; then he got my line hung up on a snag of some type. All I know is he was a big fish; for I never saw him. I had to break my line off due to being snagged. That was one of the hardest runs I have ever had; just never expected to get snagged in 50 feet of water.

I moved up river the 3rd hole; this one is 34feet. deep. Just got a few taps; so left after 25 mins. As I worked my way up river, checked out a spot a guy told me about. I saw some fish on the fish finder and was 40 feet deep. It is on the outside of the barges tied up just below the Mill Creek.

My next stop was at the Ky. side of the I-75 Bridge. I just got a small bite, just as a few rain drops started. I went up river to check out my regular fishing hole. All kinds of fish were showing up on the fish finder. The rain started to come down at a heavier pace; so I headed for cover under the railroad bridge. I thought it was going to be a brief rain; I was wrong. The rain just kept on falling so I went ahead and fished right there.

I caught 4 cats total; 2 channels and 2 blues. The Channels were 3.6 and 2.7 pound. The one blue was 2.6 pounds. The baby blue was about 7 inches long. It is good to see the blues having offspring so there will be more blues in this section of the Ohio River in the future.

The rain just keep coming down; after being stuck by the rain for around 3 hours, I made a run to the ramp. I was lucky for the rain did slack off , so I was able to get my boat trailored without getting soak and wet.

All in all, the motor and boat worked just fine. Just hope the rain stays away next time I go out. I now know about the holes I had be wondering about all this season. Plus I found a new hole to fish next time out. Eager to head back to those spots in the remaining weeks of this season. By the way all the fish were caught on garlic salted chicken liver. Tight lines to all.

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UPDATED 09-26-13 Now it is a $5 fee to park at the CINCINNATI PUBLIC LANDING!!!