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2007 SEASON action Here is the updates from the Fall and the summary of the 2007 season.

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First trip of the year was May 11th., and the last one was November 14th. The Ohio River was around 27 feet nearly all that time. With little rain all summer there was almost no current in the river all season long. I was out of town on vacation for 4 weeks in August and September. That did put a crimp into my number of trips on the river.

I had several trips over this year that I was skunked. I did boat a total of 54 cats this year. 39 channels, 11 blues and 4 flatheads. The biggest Channel was 16 pounds, which is very large for this part of the Ohio River.

Largest bluecat came in at 26 pounds just above another 25.5 pounder. The flatheads were tiny, biggest only 2 pounds!

Finding fresh bait fish was a big problem for me until the Fall. I during that time. I had to use many different baits. Chicken Liver, shrimp, hot dogs, seasoned steak. I did catch cats on all those baits. When I got the shad & skipjacks it really did increase the action.

Mid-October to November 14th. the cats were putting on the feed bag. I boated 24 of the 54 cats during those weeks. I fished a lot closer to downtown Cincinnati area this year. Bellevue Ky. was as far up river and Ludlow Ky. was as far down riverI fished out of my boat.

Hopefully neat year the river will still be low so I can launch my boat at least once a week. A little more current would be helpful. Getting my hands on shad and skipjacks is something I am sure would get more hard bites as well. Over the winter I will be working at updating my web pages. I will be putting fresh line on the reels and reading up on ways to get more catfish action.next season. I wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

November 14th. UPDATE: I went down river on this trip around Ludlow Ky. Lines were in the water 08:30, with at breeze blowing up river. Was just about ready to move to another spot when I boated my first cat of the day. This was a nice Bluecat, as I was trying to mearure it my rod took off again.This was a small channel cat. I put it in the bottom of the boat for my other rode was bending over. Another nice cat, this one was another blue had to put it in the bottom of the boat. so I could weight the small channel, the channel weighed 3.2 pounds. When I put the fish down the rod got hammered , I was getting worn out by this channel cat, relieved when I was able to get it in the boat. I was able to weight the 1st. blue cat it came in at 10.4 pounds. I did get those 2 fish back into the river as the reel start to sing. This was the biggest cat of the day a 16 pound Channel cat. That is well above average size for this part of the river. I was finally able to have enough time to take some photos with the self timer feature of the camera with the 2 biggest fish. The finally cat of the morning was a nice Channel cat of 6.1 pounds. He was samller than the other big channel cat so I did not even take a photo of him. I just weighed and measured him and slipped him back into the river. The wind had really picked up and my small boat was rocking too much. I tried a couple different spots that were a little more out of the wind. Had a couple of taps but no more hook ups. All the fish were caught on cut skipjack. It was a wild but fun trip. Now with the COLD tempatures not sure when I will get back out in my boat.

My boatload of catfish1st boat load of cats more cats in the bottom of boatadded more cats to the group My 16pound channel cat16 pound Channel cat!

My 10 pound bluecatmy 10 pound blue cat of the day Me with My 16 pound channel catMe with my 16 pound channel cat


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November 10th. UPDATE: I got my lines in the water at my favorite spot at 08:30. I got a hard tap at 08:40 but it cleaned off the cut shad. 09:00 caught my biggest cat of the year! A 28 pound 34 inch BLUECAT on cut shad. As I was trying get a photo of this one my reel just started singing. Another big bluecat. Had to take my time with this guy for I had to free up my dip net since it was laying under the other catfish. After getting this one in the bottom of my boat not much room left except for the fish. Finally got a picture of the first fish and put it back in the river. Once agin I was trying measure out the 2nd. fish when my rod went down agin. I could not believe it as I pullled back and realized another huge catfish. This also was a Bluecat, and really did not want to get in the dip net. When I got the 2nd fish measured it was 25.5 pounds and 31 inches. The 3rd. Blue came in at 26 pounds and was 33.5 inches long. From 9-10 it was best action I had in years. Then it stopped except for some lite taps. I tried 3 other spots just got a few decent bites but no hook ups. I am hopping to get out this week for it is a forcast of warm tempatures, but Rain. I will try to load up the photos of those big bluecats with a link to them sometime this week.

November 2nd. UPDATE: I had another decent fishing trip in my boat. Got 4 large shad at the ramp with my casting net. I got to my favorite spot and had the linesin the water at 09:15. I had some hits on the chicken liver but kept stripping it off the hook. I boated a nice channel cat at around 10:08. It hit the cut up shad. While I was trying to measure it the other rod got nailed. This was a smaller channel about 2 pound. I got both of these fish back in the river after a little work. At 11:00 caught another small channel on shad, once again as I was getting this fish measured out my bobber rig got hit. I had a little problem getting the rod out of the rod holder. It turned out to be a 7 pound CARP that hit a chunk of rotten steak! That was all the action for the day. I tried 1 other spot on my way back to the ramp. Fish alarm did sound off at that spot they just did not bite! Got back home alittle past 1 P.M. I am going to try on Nov. 5th. for the weather is going to change for the worst for the rest of this week.

October 29th. UPDATE: I finally had a good day of catching catfish! The fog was thick so I had time to cast for shad at the ramp. There was a decent amount of current in the river this time out. I headed for my favorite spot when the fog cleared off the water. Got my lines in the water at 09:20 no bites so lifted the anchor. Moved down river about 40 feet at 10:00. At 10:08 had my 1st fish of the day, a nice 8 pound channel cat. While trying to measure this guy had another hard bite but missed it. Just put that fish in the water when I hooked the 2nd. cat. This one was 6.6 pounds. Once again while I was busy trying to measure it hooked another fish. This one was the biggest of the day. He weighed in at 9 pounds. Then things slowed down a little. I called it a day at 12:35, but had boated 3 more nice cats by that time. All of cats hit the fresh cut shad, they nailed it; no taps at all. That action was a far cry from all the trips of being skunked I had since September. I plan on going out again on Nov. 2nd. and as often as the weather stays on the reasonable side.

October 17 th. UPDATE: I have been fighting a bad head cold since the 18th.,that is why the delay on this report. I had been skunked on my previous 3 trips. I believed this trip may produce the same results. I was finnaly able to boat a fish! It was a small 2.2 pound channel cat. It was caught with Chiken liver as bait. I did have bites on other baits steak, shrimp. The river was still clear and low with no current. Hope to get back on the water soon for once Noverber gets here no telling what the wether will be dishing out.

September 25th. & 28th. UPDATE: My wife & I got our lines in the water at 08:55. She boated her 1st catfish at 09:07. It was a small channel cat 2.8 pounds. Later I got a baby flathead 1 pound and 12 inches long. Tried 3 other spots then returned to our 1st. spot hooked another small channel cat there. It was only 1.7 pounds. Called it a day at 12;30. The 28th. I met my brother to go out on his boat at 06:30! Got to his fishing spot around 07;15, had to take it slow due to some fog. We marked fish and had some taps but moved after an hour. The 2nd. place my brother broke the ice with a nice 10 pound Bluecat on cut skipjack. 3 spots later I boated my biggest cat of this season a 9 pound bluecat on cut shad. The last spot of the day my brother boated a small 2 pound flathead on cut skipjack. Got back to the ramp around 2 P.M. It was a nice Fall day that is why we stayed out longer than normal.

September 21st. UPDATE: 07:50 got our lines in the water at my favorite spot. Had a hard bite on small skipjack at 08:03. I pull back and missed it, I thought they were going to be feeding at last. Not so, tried a couple other spots not bites. At 10:10 finally broke the spell of being SKUNKED! Boated a small channel cat of 2.75 pound. It hit on another small skipjack. Iwas only able to catch 8 of those small skipjacks the night before. Had loads of other bait hot dogs, seasoned steak, and fresh chicken liver. We did get a couple taps on the other baits but NO strong runs of the reel. We checked out 5 different spots that morning. Load the boat back on the trailer at 12:30. The river still has very little if any current but clear. Plan on being back on the river the 25th. Now that can get some skipjacks intend on having lots of them on this next trip.

September 19th. UPDATE: Finally back on the Ohio River for some catfishing. I got my lines in the water at 08:35 at a new place my brother had a blast there last week. I stayed there about a hour no bites at all. Worked my way back up river. I tried 6 places in all, only 3 bites. 2 bites on regular cheap hot dogs and 1 on thawed skipjack. It was a nice mornig but got hot by noon time. I called it a day at 12:30. I intend to try it again this Friday. Maybe this trip I will break this string of being skunked.

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