2016 Catfishing ACTION!

MY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

Here is the information of the trips of this 2016 CATFISHING season.

Be sure to support you local bait shops during these rought times as best you can. Once those folks close down there will NOT be anyone to provide that service to us.

Nov 18th. update: It was a warm day and the river was in great shape as my brother and I fished from the bank. We fished for just over 6 hours, using a total of 3 rods. We had shad, chicken liver, shrimp, and 2 types of seasoned chicken beast for bait.I did catch 2 small Channel cats about 1.5 pounds each. My brother and I just had light taps the rest of the time. This was our last trip for this year since the weather is turning to winter temps for the rest of this year. So I packed my gear in the basement until next Spring.

Since the commercial fishermen are monitoring catfishing web sites I will be editing my updates this season. I will only state the size of the fish and bait used. I will also be blocking out the back ground on any photos, for I do NOT want the C.F. to clean out that area!!

Here is a video of what the COMMERICAL FISHERMEN are doing to the Ohio River where I try to fish!!! So you can understand the rod & reel fishermen frustration knowing these big catfish will never be retunred to the river.

November 1st. I picked up my grandson at 12 noon, headed for the ramp. I netted 3 Gizzard Shad before we got the boat in the river. There was some up river wind but had some current this time. An hour went by as we were getting taps on chicken breast, but not a hit on the shad. So we moved up and across the river to the Ohio side.
The wind was really starting to form white caps, so the boat was rocking a good deal. The chicken liver rod was hit hard, and the fish was hooked! My grandson then fought the fish as I handle the dip net. It was a nice channel cat, 25 inches, 8 ¾ pounds. That is my grandson personal best so far! Hope he can top that on our future trips. We stay a while longer then headed back to the first spot to get out of the wind. We called it a day at 16:00, headed to the ramp and home. It was good to spend time together and finally get a fish in the boat

November 4th. I picked up my brother at 09:15 and headed to the river. The clouds rolled in and the upriver wind was cooling thing off, there was some current. The fish were pecking away on his strawberry seasoned chicken breast. My brother kept on getting taps but no hard bites.
I was checking my line to re-bait when I noticed my line was heading up stream again the current, reeled up the slack and felt the fish. I had to use the dip net to get it onto the dock d not want to take the chance of braking the line. The Channel cat was 23 inches and weighed in at 6 pounds. I tried to take a photo of it but the batteries in my camera did not turn it on!
The weather turned much colder no sun at all. We were only getting a few more taps the rest of the time, so packed it in at 13:00.I felt good to get some warmth from the car as we headed home.

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November 5th. The Public Landing road was opened and finally got my boat ready to launch. The thick fog was starting to clear off at last, headed my boat down river at 11:10. I headed back out to the deep water and marked a few fish so I anchored up at 11:30. The current held the boat just as I wanted, slight ripple on the water and plenty of sun. I spent two hour there and another spot a little further down river. Not 1 tap during that time, tried all my different back up baits. No action so I headed back up river to my favorite spot.
I had my poles in the water at 13:45 at the third spot. I had my boat set up exactly as I wanted. 14:10 I got a light tape on chicken liver. The third time I was holding the rod when it was tapped, just then my bobber rod got hammered. I grabbed the rod and pulled back MISSED the fish; it had cleaned off the seasoned chickened breast. No more action so I called it a day and headed back to the ramp at 15:00.

Oct 11th. Brief summary of my fishing trips since last update.
Sept 20the left ramp at 08:00 headed down river marked fish. Threw anchor over the side and came loose from snap. No way to get it back in 40 feet of water! Tried drift fishing that did not work, both rods hung up on snags. 2 cats a Bluecat 4.5 pound 17inches and a channel cat 17 inches 2.5 pounds.

Sept 27th. Got boat in the river at 08:30 and headed up river. The upriver wind messed up by swinging my boat around. There was NO current to counter the wind at all. White caps made me end the trip at 12:15, no fish at all.
Oct 5th I left ramp at 08:30 no current and down river breeze, water temp 74. First three spots no action at all. The last spot paid off hooked 4 channel cats on my back up baits. 2 on starwberry kool aid hot dog chunks, 2 on vanilla soaked shrimp, smallest 2.5 pounds largest 5 pounds. All were released to grow bigger for the next fisherman to have some fun. I called it a day at 13:15.

Oct 8th. My brother and I fished from the bank, had our lies in the water at 13:20. A very strong up river wind made white caps all the time. My brother got a tap on one of his rods. When he decided to check for bait, he had hooked a small blue cat. That fish c was only about 10 inches long, but a fish is a fish! That was it for that trip, headed home at 16:45.

Oct 10th. Got to the ramp late and had problem getting the motor to fire up. It was sunny, cool, and some current for a change. I went up river to some deep water, lines in the river at 09:45. 09:50 tap then the reel started singing, decent fish at the other end. It took several minutes to get that fish up so I could net it, wore my arms off. I was very surprise that it was a flathead, fist one I have caught in several years. I measured it out 30 inches, 13.5 pounds. I tried other spot, just taps at one other spot. I called it a day at 13:30.

13.5 pound  flathead catfish from Ohio River near Cincinnati Ohio

A decent size flathead catfish from the Ohio River near Cincinnati Ohio!

September 12th. UPDATE: I had a good trip on the river today. Boated 3 bluecats, 4 ¾, 5 ½, and the big guy 17 ½ pounds. I had fresh shad and frozen skipjacks cut bait. They only produced 2 gar runs on the shad and 1 hard bite on a suspend rod.
ALL the fish I caught were on seasoned chicken breast. 1 on strawberry, 1 on chili, one on shad oil seasoned! I had other bites but missed a number on the suspend rod. The rod was hammered and had trouble freeing the rod from the rod holder. Each time they seem to drop the chicken breast. I had a 6/0 circle hook so cannot understand why the fish did NOT get hooked?
I did try drift fishing, but seems my lines were not on the bottom as I thought when I reel them in after the drift. I gave up and fish the way I am comfortable with my skill level. I was very disappointed to discover the big bluecat photos somehow did NOT take! The other 2 fish photos did take okay.

September 2nd. I went catfishing from the bank with my brother this morning. We had a total of four rods in the water at 08:00. It was sunny yet cool due to the strong breeze and river was colored.
I was watching my rods when one of them got hammered! Thank goodness I had it tied down or it would have been yanked in the river! When I finally got to the rod I did NOT feel the fish at all. Held the rod for some time then started to reel in the line, the fish had me wrapped on something, then finally came off of it. That is when I felt how big the fish was! I called for my brother to get the dip net opened up for there was NO way I could get this fish out of the river. It seemed forever trying to get that catfish off of the bottom and towards me. I just had to take my time and try to wear it down; no way could I horse that fish. I was very relieved once that fish was no longer in the river. It was 38 inches and weighed 23 pounds 6 ounces per my digital scale after I subtracted the weight of the dip net. That fish hit a piece of shad oil seasoned chicken breast! The fish was returned to the river hopefully to have someone else experience the same thrill I had fighting it.

That was ONLY bite and 1 light tap we had in 3 ½ hours of fishing. My brother even had a fresh skipjack he cut up for his 2 rods, nothing hit them. We both have the feeling that part of the river has been depleted of fish by commercial fishermen. We packed it in around 11:30 had big thrill to start the day anyway. A friend there had some extra skipjacks that he gave us, so I now have them as bait for my next boat trip.

23 pound blue cat 38 inches Cincinnati OhioMY 23 pound BLUECAT Sept 2nd. 2016

August 31st. UPDATE: I had a good day at last on the river. Trip started out well with netting 3 small shad and 1 8 inch Skipjack for fresh bait. I had a number of bites which was different from my last 4 trips.

I did try drift fishing, but no bites. I finally boated, 2 channel cats, one 3 pounds 3 ounces, 17 inches, the other one was 4 pounds 3 ounces 21 inches. One hit raw shrimp the other liked shad oil seasoned chicken. The fish were released to the river to fight another day. So I finally got some reward for my efforts.I had a good day at last on the river. Trip started out well with netting 3 small shad and 1 8 inch Skipjack for fresh bait. I had a number of bites which was different from my last 4 trips.

Since the temperature was so cool the August 22nd. & 23rd. I took two catfishing trips in my boat. I went down river the first day on a long boat ride. I tried to do drift fishing for the first time. It did not go well for I had trouble using the trolling motor correctly. I just had the boat going circles and getting my lines crossed. Tried getting shad for bait far down river, did net about one dozen small gizzard shad for the effort. Marked fish in one spot, anchored but not action 50 Headed back the ramp and home around 12:50.
2nd trip I went up river after I did net 1 decent Shad at the ramp. I checked out 4 different spots. I had one gar run at the first spot, spent an hour there no other action. The bite of the day was a blue cat that just hammered my suspended rod. I had a hard time getting the rod free from the rod holder, had to lessen the drag I felt the fish as it was still staying down and moving down river. I stated to crank the reel when I felt him let it go!! I can not understand how a fish can hammer a line that hard and not be hooked! For that trip I did get 2 bites and 3 taps, but not hook ups. Called it a day around 12:15 for it was getting on the warm side. Just not any reward for the effort again, too hot for the next week to try.

August 9th. UPDATE I took my boat out on the Ohio River this morning. I was told of a spot up river and found a ramp that was closer to that part of the river. The river is clear and very little current, the water temp was 85 degrees. I tried for fresh shad with my casting net, no luck.
I got to the spot at 09:30, the water was very shallow only 18feet. I put out 3 rod each with different baits. I changed baits a number of times during the hour I anchored there. Not even one little tap so I left and headed further up river.
Never marked any fish so started working my way back down river. I tried 2 different spots in deep water, still no action. I had it with heat and no action so got back to the ramp at 12:30.
Arrived back home just in time and covered my boat just as for a rain shower hit. I spent more time running the boat all over than actually getting a line in the water. The only bright spot is the boat ran very well. I will wait till the temps cool off before I try the boat again.

July 12th Update: Me and my brother gave it another try at his bank fishing spot. We had our lines in the river at 08:00. River was still a little muddy and some current, it was getting hot when the sun was out. There were four rods out with 4 different types of bait. In two and half hours we got ONLY two taps for our efforts. My tap was on raw shrimp his was on cut fresh shad.
We talked with two guys that fish there all the time; they both agreed the commercial fishermen have cleaned out that section of the river. The guy that lives there said he is not wasting any more time fishing since nothing is left.
So now it looks like we will have to try another spot in the future. Well at least we did get some fresh air instead watching t.v.

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I did find a 3 ft. section of chain and about 30 ft of rope, so last evening when it cooled of a little I added those on to my anchor set up I believed I had the problem solved.
June 14th Update: My grandson and I got to the ramp 06:45 this trip. I tried to get some Shad at the ramp with my casting net, no luck. I fired up the motor and on the water at 07:05. We headed straight down river to our 1st spot. Marked fish so I dropped the anchor and it held! We were get our rods baited up when a tow boat came up and pulled a barge out from the tie up area. Our boat was rocking a good deal but the anchor held. We fished for about 20 minutes when we decide to head for another spot. Problem was my anchor got hung up in a cable and I was not able to free it, even when using the motor at full power. I had to cut the rope so NO front anchor for the rest of the trip.
Second spot was about ¼ miles downriver, marked a couple fish but no bites at all. We had a slow boat ride back up river, checking places with the fish finder. 3rd spot was by the Ky. pier of a bridge. Nothing happened there so I went up into the Licking river to see I could net some shad for bait. No Luck with that idea, so went back up the Ohio River for 2 other spots. Same sad story NO BITES or even taps!!
11:35 we called it a day and headed to the ramp and home. Just cannot understand why not even a bite in spots that I used to catch fish over the past years. I am getting really depressed for I want to get my grandson liking to catfish, not sure spending hours without any action is very helpful.

June 9th. Update: I got started late this morning heading to the river. 10:30 I got the boat fired up and moved out to the piers near the ramp. Right away I marked fish so dropped my anchor there. I had 3 lines in the river all with cut bait. All of a sudden a FLEET of LARGE cabin cruisers came down the river. Each one had a load of children on them, those boat churned up the waves. Next thing I knew my boat was drifting down river. I had to scramble to get my lines in before they got tangled. Then I got my anchor up as the fleet went down river. Since my plan was to fish the deep water down river I moved over to the Mouth of the Licking River to kill time and see if there were Shad in the area.

11:15 I started to head down to the deep water, marked fish as soon as I got there. Dropped the anchor put out my bobber rig and one deadline. I just sat down when I notice my bobber rig was hung up on something. I started to reel in when I notice the anchor had come free with the current and deep water. Once again fighting a drifting boat, now both lines were hung! I had to break the bobber line, but got the dead line free. Got the anchor up and headed to retrieve the bobber.

I took the boat downstream to a eddy area to hold the boat. I just put out two dead lines. Was working fine, till an up rive wind turned the boat sideways. I put the back anchor out and the boat held. Waited 20 minutes No bites, 12:45 decided to hang it up and head to my favorite spot back up river.

When I got to that spot tried but the anchor did NOT hold on the sandy bottom. Backed the boat out and tried a second time, same results! I was so frustrated I just called it a day. Then as I turned to go to the ramp I spotted that Fleet of boats again! They were grouped up right in front of the, Newport Levee. They generated even larger wave this time before the moved up river. I had a very hard time getting my boat up on the trailer with all the waves and current, but finally got the boat out of the river. The temperature was niece to be on the river but that was IT! For me it was a very frustrating trip to say the least.

June 2nd. Update: I finally got my boat in the river for a shakedown trip. 08:00 picked up my grandson to help get the boat trailer hooked up to my car. Stopped to get gas for the motor then off to the ramp. We got the boat in the water had a little problem getting the motor to kick over. 09:10 finally underway, headed up river. First spot was at the overlook just above the BIG MAC Bridge on the Ohio side. The lines got in the river at 09:20; some current water was clearing up. No bites so headed up river to deep water. 1030 stopped across from Dayton Ky.
10:40 my grandson had his rod get hammered the bluecat had it bent down, we had trouble getting the rod free from the rod holder. It wanted to stay down in that 40 ft. hole. My grandson was starting to get it to come up as I was getting the dip net, then it left go of the shad head. We never did see it but from the way that rod was bent and the struggle fighting that fish it was really a nice size fish. That was it, no more, action moved down river about 100 yards. No luck there so cut over to the Ky. side of the river.
I headed the boat down river to Newport, around 11:45. Not even at tap, so moved on after 30 minutes. 5th. spot was at the pier of the Central Bridge, on the Ky. side. I marked fish that is why we stopped. My grandson got a tap there on raw shrimp, but that was it. We made one more stop by the Ky. pier of the Covington railroad bridge since it was not a hot day. Once again we marked fish but NO bites, so we called it a day around 13:30.
Boat worked fine, weather was great, river conditions were good, just cannot understand lack of bites!! I still had a good time with my grandson. We intend to try our luck next week.

May 27th Update: I picked up my brother and headed for the river at 08:30. River was muddy and, had a fast current, not the best of conditions. The sky was clear with NO rain expected. I got my lines in the water around 09:00. I had a problem right off the bat with a birds nest in one of the reels. It took some time but I did get it cleared out. 09:45 I moved the rods around to try to get out of the current. 10:45 I finally got a BITE! I hooked my 1st catfish of the year from here, a small channel catfish. It was 18 inches and 1 ¾ pounds. I normally do NOT take photos of such small fish; however this was my 1st for the river! I got 2 Garr runs after that. They really had the reel signing but dropped the line when I picked up the rod. All my bites were on vanilla seasoned shrimp. My brother was using thawed cut shad and chicken soaked in strawberry syrup. He had a rough day, no bites.
We packed it in and headed back to his place at 12:00 for it was getting TOO hot for me. Hopefully the river will clear up and settle down to lower levels. I intend to fish from my boat next week at last. I am looking forward to getting more bites and bigger catfish. At least I broke the ice on this trip

May 22nd. UPDATE: I lost my beat anchor on a snag last summer so have been looking for one ever since. I got a great deal on 2 boat anchors at a garage sale. One 20# and the other 15# both for only $ 20! Now the various types of yard & garage sales are in full force thru the summer. You can get deals at such sales. Information to help you get those deals are contained in Kindle e-book “Shop To Save !”.
Broken record around here, river going back up again! Rains will be moving back in Wed.-Sat. next week. Might try fishing with my brother from a dock set up on tuesday. The current will be running hard so not sure if it will be worth the effort.
on May the 14th. I got a small freezer at an estate sale yesterday for my FISHING BAIT! My wife is also happy that the bait is out of our big freezer. So I now have a place to keep a load of Skipjacks. With the river getting down I hope to start catching some in the next couple of weeks. I should finally get my boat in the river to go after some catfish.
I also did some shopping at my hometown city wide yard sale. I came home with an open face fishing rig for skipjacks and a backpack to carry my bluegill & skipjack gear. I got great deals at both the estate sale and the yard sales. Proof again that YOU can save money shopping at such places.

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May 5th. UPDATE: On Monday evening April 25th. I talked with a contact of mine about Skipjacks. He informed me of a location where he caught 5 skipjacks in 5 cast, each around 2 pounds! The next morning I got my gear together and headed for the spot he told me about. I tried several different lure set ups, sabiki, spinners, Mr.Twiter jigs. I started at the spot he mentioned. Casted my arm off, not one hit! I did believe the skips were there, I just had the WRONG rod & reel set up for fishing for them. Next time I go I will be using my spinning reel & rod. Now with the heavy rains the river has jumped up too high to fish for them.

Not sure when I will get the chance to try again anytime soon. This also means I will not be getting my boat on the river for some time. Very frustrating that the river just never stays down to fishable levels.

APRIL 26TH. UPDATE: It looks like next week will be when I get to take my boat out for a shakedown trip. Rain is on tap for the next 2 days, and then I have obligations to take care of until May3rd. I have some frozen bait at least for the first trip. I will try to get to catch some Skipjacks for bait for future trips. I tried this morning; just did not work out. Came up empty handed again!

March 30th. Update: I picked up my brother at 09:30 and headed for the Ohio River. We were fishing from the bank on the Kentucky side down river from Cincinnati. The river was muddy with a strong current; a stiff cool breeze was blowing out of the east.

We had four lines in the water at 10:00, with different baits. I used raw and vanilla extract shrimp, a thawed out shad, strawberry syrup seasoned chicken,gizzard. My brother had chicken breast season with strawberry syrup.

At 12:15 we decided to pack it in, for we did NOT even get one bite! The only good thing to say we had nice to get some fresh air. Seems our bad luck has still hanging on from last year.

The river will be going higher since we are to get rain the next couple of days. So not sure when I can think of getting my boat in the river.

March 14th. UPDATE: I got a call from my grandson wanting to go fishing on March 11th. We were both eager to go and wet a line at our favorite pond. Stopped at our local mom & pop bait shop got some red & wax worms for bluegills. We got to the pond at 13:30 had lines in the water by 13:40. A short time later my grandson landed the 1st. fish of the day, a small Bluegill. I still had not even gotten a bite when he hooked into a 10 inch L.M. Bass. He had me 3 to 0 when I finally caught a 9 inch L.M.Bass. The bites were far and few between but did keep you on your toes. My grandson did have a decent size turtle on, just never could get it up off the bottom, finally the hook slipped of the beak of the turtle. Once again my grandson came out on top: 1 bass 3 bluegills, I came in with 1 bass & 1 bluegill. We called it a day at 16:15. I at least got my line in the water for the start of the year. It was a very enjoyable day together. With the Ohio River heading back up to the 40 foot range it will be some time before I can go after catfish.

March 10th. UPDATE: I got my 2016 fishing license yesterday at my mom&pop bait storere rains in the next week.. Right now the Ohio River is starting to go back up around 50 feet or more. That means about 2 more weeks before I can get out with my boat barring more rains in the next week. Be sure to support you LOCAL BAIT SHOPS during these rought times as best you can. Once those folks close down there will NOT be anyone to provide that service to us.

February 2nd. UPDATE: Well I tried to catch some skipjacks for catfish bait this morning. After one hour’s drive I got to the place and had it all to myself. The weather was o.k. but the cool wind as stronger than I expected. I did cast my arm off for an hour, trying different jigs to catch the Skipjacks. I did snag one small Gizzard Shad for all of my efforts. The Skipjacks just were NOT there again!
So it looks like the deal I got on frozen shrimp this week will come in very handy. At least I will have my back up baits ready when I start catfishing, hopefully in March.

January 24 th. 2016 update: I put fresh Solar green Trilene 30# test line on the reels that I use when fishing out of my boat. I will be also putting fresh line on the reels that I use for bank fishing. Whenever the temperatures get above 50 degrees I intend on painting of my rod tips. So I can detect soft bites easier.

Here is the video clip I made of RIGS I use to catch SKIPJACKS for catfish bait from YOUTUBE.



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