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Around eleven o’clock Sunday morning I started out on a fact finding trip. I wanted to checkout some of the boat ramps and bank fishing area around them. These ramps are east of Cincinnati all the way up to the Meldahl dam.

Took Ohio route 52 all the way to Medahl and back. Checked out how much the fees were to launch a boat. My first stop was at Sweetwine marina just east of River Downs race track. The area around the ramp is more mud than gravel, but does have a dock to tie up your boat. The fee is $5 which is cheaper than the Cincinnati park ramp fee.

The second spot is Steamboat Bend Campgrounds which is about 3 miles up river from the 1st spot. There is a very nice dock and cement ramp. The fee is $5 per day or $25 per year to launch your boat. You also have to get a Hamilton county park sticker which is $1 a day or $5 a year. The only down side is the river has to be least 28.5 or lower to drive your trailer down to the ramp. It is a good spot to use your casting net to gather Shad and Skipjacks.

Next stop was the public ramp at New Richmond. Big advantage here is you can launch for FREE. There is a good area to park your trailer. No dock so it is tricky to launch a boat by yourself when there is any current in the river. There are large areas to bank fish above and below the ramp. The bank is sand and gravel. NEW RICHMOND RAMP for photos.

The mouth of Big Indian Creek at the rest stop in Point Pleasant was my next stop. There is a small trail from the parking lot to the bank. Not much area to bank fish for the water is shallow and has a number to dead trees to snag your line. The Creek did seem to hold bait fish so might be a good spot to use a casting net for bait. POINT PLEASANT INDIAN CREEK

Moscow public ramp is also FREE. It has a wooden dock that enables you to tie up your boat as you park the trailer. There is a good around of area to bank fish around the ramp. The black top road is a little tricky to see in the dark and or fog. This is another place the Skipjacks can be caught with a casting net. MOSCOW RAMP

The State of Ohio built a very nice ramp at Neville last fall. The parking lot is black topped and large. There is NO Sign along route 52 about the ramp!. You have to go down MORGAN Street one way to the ramp. Then leave out on COFFEE which is one way to the highway. There are 2 new docks that allows for securing your boat. This is also a FREE launch set up and it is just below the Meldahl Dam. NEVILLE RAMP photos

The Ohio side of the Meldahl Dam is a dirt or muddy bank all along the Lock wall. You can fish it, however it is not the easiest area to walk around. There is a small parking area that has a tricky path down to the water. I did not see any skipjacks at all on that side of the dam. I got there just after a shower turned the area into a steam bath. So I did not stay there very long at all. BANK AT MELDAHL

I hope this information will be of some use to get a few more cats to make your reels sing.

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UPDATED 07-16-16