Blue Catfish Excitement and ACTION!

MY rod tip bending over as I was fighting 12 3/4 pound Bluecat.  O sept 24th.2012!!


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Here are the details of my catfishing trip of September 24th 2012. This was the best trip I had in a couple of yearhere on the Ohio River near Cincinnati.

Sept 24th update: I got to the Public Landing around 08:10, still no luck getting Shad. I waited a little while for the fog to blow off before I headed down to the Mill Creek. I put my 1st line in the river at 08:50, as I was baiting up my 2nd rod the clicker sounded. I picked up the rod and there was a decent fish already hooked! That was the fastest hook up I ever had on the river, least than 5minutes. This was a nice blue cat 25 inches, 7 pounds 10 oz. per my digital scale. 09:05 bobber went under had the fish for a few turns of the reel, felt like a nice fish; it got off the treble hook somehow?

Here is a photo of the 7 pound 10 oz blue cat of the day

MY 7 pound 10 oz. BLUECAT Sept. 24 th.2012!

09:50 I had just changed over to a treble hook on the suspended rod and lowered it into the river, when it got hammered. The rod tip was bent down to the water and stayed there. I finally was able to get the rod free from the rod holder and just held on! I knew it was a BIG fish for it just did NOT want to get off the bottom. It took me over 10 minutes to wear it out and get it into the boat! This Bluecat was 37 inches and topped out at 25 pounds, the second biggest Bluecat I have ever caught!
Here is a photo of the 25 3/4 blue cat 37 inches the biggest Blue of this season!

MY 25 3/4 pound  37 inch BLUECAT Sept. 24 th.2012!
10:20 I was baiting my bobber rig when the suspended rod got hammered again. Another nice Bluecat this one came in at 12 3/4 pounds and 29 inches. I was able to hold this for a shot of it & me.
Here is a photo of me and the 12 3/4 blue cat 3rd Bluecat of this trip season!

ME with the 12 3/4 pound  BLUECAT Sept. 24 th.2012!
11:00 I saw my bobber go under, just as I was getting set to handle that rod the suspended rod got smashed rod tip to the water! I had my hands full once again with another large fish. 10 minutes passed as we had a tug of war between the catfish & me. This was Blue was also 37 inches but showed only 20 pounds on the scale. These fish were too long to put in the bag I normally use to weight the fish. I do think this fish did really weigh more than I was able to try to get its weight.

Here is a photo of the 20 3/4 blue cat was also 37 inches the last fish of the day!

MY 20 3/4 pound  37 inch BLUECAT last catfish of this trip Sept. 24 th.2012!
The bad part was the wind shifted as I was concerned with fighting the fish. A strong upriver had turned my boat sideways. I tried to turn the boat and get my back anchor out, but the wind was just too strong and was rocking the boat too much. I tried for about 20 minutes but had to pack it in and head for home. Total of around 69 pounds for the 4 blues, best day by far for this year! This is one of my biggest totals for catfish in a few years. All the fish hit small 3-5 inch skipjack, 1 one dead line, 3 big ones on the suspended rod. Now have to get some more skipjacks for I used up all I had!

Here are photos of the action from the Summerof 2008. Hopefully will have more such shots and videos this season.


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MY 14 pound BLUECAT Aug 15th. 2011!

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