Josh's Huge Blue Catfish!


March 11,2005! The snow squalls were flying wind chill in the teens. With the Ohio River being high and muddy. Current was running so hard that a 45 pound anchor was used to hold the boat. Two very dedicated young fishermen were fighting all these factors in their quest to hook into a huge Blue cat. They had there boat in view of the skyline of Cincinnati Ohio. They did have the lines baited with large sections of semi-frozen skipjack. The guys marker the blues with their fish finder. They were getting bites with one of the six poles always getting hits. Josh got the fist fish a 31/2 pound blue. Justin missed his hard bite just as the small blue was boated. Then Jost hooked into a bigger blue, it weighed in at 13 pounds.

I talked with Josh and he informed me they were using 15 ounces of sinkers on their lines for the current was that hard. I have never used that much sinker in my lifetime of fishing. This did keep the bait in the nose of the fish. Josh said there a whole school of them at that spot. As the two friends were talking Josh's rod sarted to bounce then just nosed down toward the water. He had a hard time getting the rod out of the holder. He Knew there was MONSTER fish at the other end of the line. Needless to say the fight started a big adrenalin rush that warmed up Josh on such a very cold day. When the fight was over and the blue was in the boat Josh read the scales . The Huge Blue topped out at 45 POUNDS! I do not know of a larger Blue cat being caught that close to Downtown Cincinnati.

Josh's big BLUECAT

Josh'S 45 POUND Blue Cat !

To show this is not fluke they were fishing 2 days later and caught a 6 pound blue plue another big blue. This one weighed in at 26 pounds. These guy make me eager to try my hand ,for the largest blue I have landed was only 18pounds. All the fish boated had their picture taken then released to give another catfisherman the thrill of fighting them again.

These are two VERY dedicated and experienced Catfishermen. My brother was telling me about them last Summer. Ever time he saw them retun to the ramp they had a large stringer of catfish. It seemed they had more fish from a singel trip than he caught the whole Summer. Josh & his partner brought the fish to the ramp to get better pictures of them before the were RELEASED back to the river. From talking with Josh , they work hard at studing the rivers and spend many hours on the water. A big key is they acquire LIVE bait when the weather is warm enough and frozen skipjack at other times. They have great skill at rigging their lines with the correct weights for the river conditions. They alos know a great style for rigging the large suckers and other baits for the large flat heads and Blues. If ANY compaines are thinking of skilled catfishermen to sponser these guys surely fit the bill. They flat out know how to catch BIG CATFISH!. Josh can be reach at Shawneetse@aol.comfor any details you have to offer with regard to being a sponser.

UPDATED 12-20-8

Kentucky and Ohio considers Skipjacks rough fish!! This means they can be caught in seines or casting nets for bait. Seeking spots in the DOWNTOWN CINCINNATI area for using a casting net to get bait on either side of the Ohio river. Here is a page of PLACES for Skipjack & Shad that I have learned about.

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