May 27th. UPDATE Just as Joe & I were getting the boat in the river got a free 13 inch skipjack from a guy fishing for hybrids at the ramp. That was a good omen for the morning as we went to our first spot. Set up and I filleted out the skipjack for bait. We fished there for 40 minutes without any bites. I had believed the fresh skipjack would have gotten a hit but not there.

Went up river some more dropped the anchors at our 2nd spot at 08:55, Joe got a bite and hooked a fish at 08:58! This was his biggest catfish so far, a 6 pound 24 inch channel cat. His uses “red hot smokies” as his only bait. Then a 09:1115 he boated a 4 ¾ pound channel cat. At 09:20 he got a bay channel 1.5 pound channel. I finally got into a nice channel got it up to the boat and try to force it into the next snap the line! It was a nice channel cat about 5-6 pound from what I saw of it. That fish just hammered the fresh skipjack.

10:15 I boated a 4 ¾ pound channel cat 22inches, we worked out how to handle dip net set up. Skipjack was bait it hit no pecking at all. 10:20 Joe had another fish joked but it got hung up on a sang, he had to beak the line. My skipjack pole got slammed at 10:45, when I pulled back the other end just did not want to move my way. I knew right then it was big fish. I took my time letting the fish tire out before I got it to the boat. Switched pole to Joe and I handled the dip net got the fish in just fine. It was a 12 pound bluecat, 29 inches. Took some photos of him and returned him to grow bigger.

Joe gave me some of his Smokies to use as bait on my other pole, sure enough I started getting hard hits on it. From 11:00 to 11:08 I had 3 bites on them, the first 2 I had the fish on for about 5 cranks of the reel, then he cleaned off the bait. The third time I hooked it for good, a 3 ¾ pound channel 20 inches. So I am now a true believer in using the SMOKIES as bait.

We started to get a few drops of rain when my skipjack pole went down, I set the hook and realized this was another big fish. Just as I started this fight the small bb river boat was passing and all the kids we cheering me on. When we hulled the next up they all were excited and yelling about the fish. So that channel cat made their trip a little extra special. This fish was a 11 pounder and also 29 inches, with a couple photos taken was back into the river.

For the next hour we had fiddlers tapping the rods, so decided to head back to the ramp. It was bay far our best fishing trip together. & cats boated and many other hard bites, so we did have plenty of action.

11 pound channel cat. My 11 pound channel catfish caught that day.

Joe's 6 pound channel cathis biggest catfish ever! Joe's 6 pound channel cat his biggest catfish ever!.

UPDATED 05-29-09

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