Here are the SPOTS I know about for getting Skipjacks & Shad. Some of the spots are even accessable from the bank, others a boat is needed.I did get some of this information via E-MAIL from fishermen from this area. I want to thank them for sharing this good news for the rest of us.

Skipjack from 3/4lb to 4lbs can be caught at the Aberdeen Ohio power plant. They are there ALL year long! Just a small jig and cast it out in the river and reel in the jig. Some folks use multi-jig rig and get 2 or 3 fish at a time. In such an event it is a chore land all the fish on the line.

The Meldahl Dam at Foster KY. also is a good spot in late Summer to late October for skipjacks. They can be caught on both the Ohio and Ky side of the dam. There is major construction there until Spring of 2014. So you have to go down from the dam to the sand bar to have access to the river. I have been told the skipjacks some time move very close to shore there. The Skipjack there are on the smaller side. You usually can get many of them in a short time. Once agin a multi-jig rig can be very productive.

The bank area at the New Richmond ramp is a good spot for using a casting net for Shad when the river is down and clear. There is a long stretch small gravel along the bank that should not snag up a casting net.

At 10 mile Creek on the Ohio side there is a boat ramp. When the river is down there is a dock that enable you to use a casting net for Shad Just a few hundred yards down the road to the ramp is a pull off. Walk over the hill and there is a handicapped fishing platform . You can use a casting net there for Shad & Creek Chubs. This is especially useful whenever the river is 29 ft. or higher, the boat ramp is blocked when the river is that high.

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The boat ramp area at Schmidt Field, East of Downtown Cincinnati is a spot for both Skipjack and Shad. Go around sunrise and cast off the dock with the jig for Skipjacks. Use the casting net for the Shad. You may even get a few Skipjacks in the net with the Shad. In the evening there is just TOO much boat traffic in that area to try getting bait.

UPDATE march 2013 The city of Cincinnati has an automatic parking gate at the Public landing NOW!! It cost $5 at least to park a car there. So that area is not worth trying to check it out for SKIPJACKS any LONGER!!

You can catch Skipjack from the Bank at Newport or Covington side at the mouth of the Licking River. The boat ramp area up the Licking River at Fredrick's Landing park is a great place for both Shad and Skipjacks. There is a powerful street light at the ramp that draw the bait fish in at night. Once again the Shad should be easy to get with a casting net. The Skipjacks there and the other spots around downtown are larger but you get few strikes.


Skipjacks are found behind the docking area of the B&B riverboats. The area along the side and back of the Waterfront restraunt also has Skipjacks. Schools of Shad also can be found there, especially in the early morning. The Skipjacks here are also on the large side but you get less bites. These Skipjacks are too big for live bait but excellent for cut bait.

That is all that I have for now. Any info you can share about such spots will be added in the future. I hope this information is useful to all of you. I do believe Skipjacks & Shad will increase the size and number of catfish that hit your poles.

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