Here are some of my best finds that I have come across over the past year and a half. I call them my GOLDEN NUGGET FINDS.

I am sure if you follow some of the tips in my other articles on collecting YOU will get your share of GOLDEN NUGGETS. Here are some more of my tips to start collecting for FUN & $$$.

Check around your area to locate the flea markets near you. Look up the garage or yard sales in your local papers and plan your shopping list. Take a lot of small dollar bills.with you on any trip. Esate sales you will need some $20 bills but deals are still very reasonable. I search for VINTAGE jewelry so I do use my loupe or magnifying glass. I always ask where the costume jewelry is if I do not see it. Knowledge is very important on YOUR part Knowing the true value of items you want enables you to pick out the gold nuggets. Many vendors or folks at garage & tag sales have LITTLE or NO knowledge of the true value of what you care to obtain. That gives you a huge advantage on high quality item for a low cost. Flea market vendors may or may not realize the value either, so read up on your favorite collect subject. Auctions depend on who else is there to bid against you . If there are a bunch of other collectors or dealers then odds of getting a decent deal is greatly reduced. So It may be woth while to check out different auction houes that offer your items. That way you can figure which place gives you better odds at acquiring items more favorable to you.

10k GOLD filigree style woman's ring

Here is a 1oK gold filigee style woman's ring that I got at a yard sale for 50 cents. I took it to my local jeweler, he gave me $15, not a bad profit spread.

Gold tone & red glass necklaceby LANVIN.

Here is a outstanding LANVIN necklace gold tone value over $200 dollars. Paid only $3 at an tag sale!

Gold tone snake chain with Egyptian style aqua blue rinestone pendant.

Here is a beautiful VINTAGE CORO snake chain necklace bought as part of an $40 auction lot.

A beautiful balck opal hart shaped stick pin A beautiful balck opal hart shaped stick pin that I found at a yard sale. It cost me less than $5!

Mexican STERLING SILVER pendant Mexican STERLING SILVER pendant found at a flea market part of 5 items that cost a total of $20.

11-21-08 I got a pair of 14kt screw type ear rings at an Estate Sale today for $2. I took them to my local jewelry store to check it over. They weighed it and I took them up on their offer of $60! I only regret I did not take a photo of the ear rings before I sold them. Just shows that you never know what can pop up when checking out such sales.

02-06-0914k gold choker necklace Found this 14k GOLD choker necklace at a thrift store while on vacation in Ft Myers Flordia. I payed $26.50 chashed it in at my local jeweler for $141.25! Even on vacation check out the thrift stores & flea markets in the area.

I will be updating this page with new GOLDDEN NUGGETS as I discover them in the future.

Have a great day of hunting for YOUR treasures.


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