Exciting Rod Bending Catfishing SEASON OF 2004!

FEBURARY 20,2004! The weather man said temperature in upper 50's and Ohio river was at 28 feet. At 07:45 this morning I got my first line in the water for the 2004 season! The current of the river was stronger than I expected so had to cast from the back of a raised dock. I had 2 poles, one rigged deadline and one with a bobber set to 25 ft. I used old bluegill from last Fall on the deadline rig. On the bobber I used a chunck of grilled steak! After 20 mins I re-baited my last small bluegill on the deadline.

NO bites on the bluegill so I put steak on it also. That is when the action started. The clicker sounded and I held the pole then hooked the 1st cat of the year! It was a bluecat of 4 lbs. 22 inches long.My modified extended dip net worked out great to get it up to the deck of the dock. Took 2 photos with the self -timer camera, then put him back in the Ohio River. Baited up and cast the the same general area. 10 mins. later the 2nd. bluecat hit and got hooked. This one weighed 5 lbs. and was 23 inches long. He was returned to his home water after 2 photos.

Then I missed 2 more hard bits, one ran the clicker, when I picked the pole up he tapped it a couple times and left. The second one hit it hard and I had it on there until half way to the dock then he spit it out. Checked my bait when I got it in, a piece was pull down and that is what he was holding on till he dropped it.

As I was getting this ready to leave my deadline pole slammed down and stayed bent. I pulled back and knew there was a nice catfish at the other end! After a duel of sometime I was finally able to see him. Then I started to wonder if I could lift it up with my dip net. Once I did get him on the dock this bluecat came in at 15.2 lbs. and was 33 inches long. That is the 2nd. largest bluecat I have ever caught!! Had to take 3 pictures of him. Every time the camera was ready to work he twisted into a big curve. Hopefully the pictures will turn out O.K. so I can post them later this Summer. I had a smile of satisfaction know how much I enjoyed our duel and as he swam alway knowing he will fight again another day.

All my action was on the deadline rig just a few light taps on the bobber. Today the bait they wanted was chunks of grilled steak. So save the scarps from your cookouts. Better yet if you have a friend the works at a steak restraunt have them make up a "fishy bag" for you as my friend does.

My season started off just great. Hopefully all you folks that are seeking out catfish will also have a wonderful season.


Kentucky and Ohio considers Skipjacks rough fish!! This means they can be caught in seines or casting nets for bait. Seeking spots in the DOWNTOWN CINCINNATI area for using a casting net to get bait on either side of the Ohio river. Here is a page of PLACES for Skipjack & Shad that I have learned about.

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