FEBURARY 28, 2004! The weather man said warm temperature today and Ohio river was at just under 30 feet. Around 07:45 this morning I got my first line in the water. The current of the river was not as strong as last week. I just set up to cast from the back of a raised dock. I had 2 poles, one rigged deadline and one with a bobber set to 25 ft. I used chunks of stake again this week.

First bite was on the bobber rig and I missed him! The action switched to the other pole, I got this one . A 5 lb blue cat 23 inches. I was just starting to write down the info when the bobber rig got hit hard. This time I hooked him. This was a smaller blue 4.7 lbs 221/2 inches. After the picture taking and writing down this fish's entry the dead line got hit again. I pulled when the line was tight felt him for a second then nothing. Somehow he ripped the bait off the hook. Put on another chunk of stake and about 10 minutes later the same thing happened. Notice these piecs of stake were dried out somewhat and split a little when put on the hook. Rebaited and put it out there. Shortly the smallest blue of the day was in my dip net. This guy was only 3lbs and 21inches. As I was packing up my gear the heaviest fish of the day hit the dead line. He was a nice fish had him on there then NOTHING, he was not hooked just left it go. Checked my bait when I got my line in This was a moist piece of stake but the barb some how got covered and the Hook never got stuck into the cats mouth. Once again the BIG one got away.

All in all caught 3 and missed 4, 2 pulled the dry stake off and one never got the hook into him, one I just flat missed. The weather is even going to be better tomorrow. I will be hitting the water about the same time. I intend to stay at least a hour longer. Stake still is doing the job. So far all the fish have been BLUE CATS.

FEBURARY 29, 2004! The temperature was cooler than I expected this morning. The breeze on the water had a cutting chill to it. The water is starting to get a green cast instead of brown. My fishing spot is right under a rail road bridge. When a train passes overhead it is very hard on the ears. I have to walk about 50 feet away from my poles to protect my hearing.
I just got my poles out when a South bound train came over, then when it got by a North bound train started across . Once quite returned I got my fisrt bite of the day. It was on the bobber rig the fish just kept tapping at it never ran with it. I was trying out some other baits this morning. Small shrimp and french fries, never got a hit on any of it. Back to the chunks of stake and it got the action started. Another South bound train came over so I walked away from my poles. When I turned around I saw my dead line pole had a bite. The fish was hitting it fairly hard. As I started back the pole was bouncing even harder. I picked up the pole and yanked hard, got nothing pulling back from the other end. I just can not understand how a fish can hit a pole that hard and long and not get hooked!

A little past 9 o'clock I hooked my first fish of the day. This was a 5.4 lb. 24 inch blue cat. With the pictures taken he was back in the water to grow some more. About 15 minutes later the second blue cat was in my dip net. He was just a shade lighter 5.2 lbs. but still 24 inches. Got 2 photos of him with my regular camera. Tried taking some photos using my small digital camera self timer set up. When I got home down loaded it and none of them were useable. Got his tale or the top of my head, so will have work on using it better in the future.

Once more the only fish caught were Blues. Today they were biting on small pieces of RAW stake. So far it has been an outstanding start for this season. I had many a trip last year that I just counted the number of bites instead of fish caught. Hopefully the water will be getting warmer in the next couple of weeks and the Channel cats will get into the feeding mood.

Looks like rain will be moving in late this week. Will have to wait and see about wetting a line.


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