I got a call from my new catfishing pal Josh the night of Feb24th. He was going out in his catfish boat and wanted to know if I cared to join him. Josh has a good track record for catching more than a fair share of big catfish from the Licking River. Even thought the forcast was calling only for a high tempature of 40 degrees I said I would be there. I was really looking forward to getting some experience at finally locating those cats on the Licking and OHIO RIVER area.

We both were dressed to stay warm in the cold. Got the boat launched and headed down river. The sun was out and the wind was blocked but the high banks, so it was not too bad. Josh informed me we were hunting for big BLUE CATS today. We headed down river towards cincinnati. My new lessons started at the very first spot we fished. Josh had us anchor the boat almost on the bank. The Blues were right under us holding tight to the shore feeding on small schools of Shad. I had always kept my boat out from the bank when I fished along that area. The bait used was cut up frozen large Skipjack. 20 minutes fishing then off to another of Josh's favorite spots. Got to a hole near the mouth of Licking and finally I got a bite. Hooked himand knew it was a nice fish by the fight he was giving me. Got him in the boat and he weighed in at 9 pounds. Took 2 photos of him then returned him to his watery home. Needless to say I felt no cold at all at that moment.

Next stops were in the Ohio river along downtown Cincinnati. There was no way to get out of the wind and the river was high and running hard. WE had to add on extra sinkers to keep our bait down. The last spot we fished on the Ohio showed some BIG fish, however they had lockjaw. Checked out a couple more hole as we headed back towards the Licking, no fish were showedg up.

Got back in the Licking to check out the aspots as we worked back to the ramp. AS always spotted the fish at each hole but not much action. By this time the sun was dropping down and the tempature dropped with it. The finall hole Josh got a couple decent bites but they slipped the hook. It was dark by the time we got the boat trailered, both of us lok forward to futur time together hunting those Cats! I felt 2005 started off very well hope it just gets better and better.

Tight line and lots of action to all.

UPDATED 03-03-05

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