View of Ohio River at Cincinnati OhioMY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

Wet a line and stay awhile!

CELEBRATING over 20 YEARS of providing excellent CATFISHING information for ROD BENDING ACTION in the Cincinnati area of the Ohio River. Blue cats, Flatheads, and Channel cats can be hooked right here in the Downtown Cincinnati river front area. I am just an ole retired guy that likes to catfish, I am NOT a catfish guide, I do have a link to a GUIDE for this part of the river on this page if you are seeking a catfish guide trip. Catfishing baits, bank fishing spots, tips from a catfishing guide. Tips for saving money on YOUR catfishing tackle. Information on catfishing baits I have used to catch catfish. Where to go to Catch HUGE Channel cats in Canada.

For 2020 I wish everyone "STAY HEALTHY and TIGHT LINES!"

Since the commercial fishermen are monitoring catfishing web sites I will be editing my updates this season for the fish I catch on the river. I will only state the size of the fish and bait used. I will also be blocking out the back ground on any photos, for I do NOT want the C.F. to clean out that area!!

Here is a video of what the COMMERICAL FISHERMEN are doing to the Ohio River where I fish!!! It has impacted the number of decent fish here! So you can understand the rod & reel fishermen's frustration knowing these big catfish will never be retunred to the river.

July 28th. I headed to a new lake I learned about the other week. I took my wireless fish finder to map out how deep it was and to try to locate where the fish were holding. I stop at a nearby convenient store to get bait. They were sold out of all their bait. I therefore had to depend on thawed out Catawba worms for catfish and fake meal worms for bluegills. It was 9:25 when I got to the lake and already hotter than I expected. I worked my way around the part of the lake I could walk. I did cast most of the water except the very center for that is how far the range of the wireless worked. I wrote down the depth of 3 different spots I cast each cast. I must say I have a very good idea of how deep spots are.

I was disappointed for I never did get the setting right for the fish ID to work. I was told there were lots of cats; bluegills, bass, and crappie are in the lake. I finally got my lines in the water around 11:00 for the bluegill. 1 for catfish deadline with Catawba worms the other a bobber rig for the bluegill. I learned the worms were all mushy and did not stay on the treble hook. I tried fake wax worms at several spots but not even a tap!

The heat was getting TOO HOT and no action so I packed it in for the day and headed home at 12:15.

I am now going read the instructions on the wireless fish finder to be sure I can get the fish ID and fish alarm working. I am sure it will be very useful next time I go there. I hope to get back there by sometime next week. Wishing tight lines for all.

Support YOUR local Mom & Pop bait shop,for they help us get the items we need to enjoy our fishing trips!

June 11th. I picked up my grandson around 07:00, and headed to get gas for the boat motor. Then we were off to the boat ramp at the Cincinnati public Landing. We had to clear a mess of logs that city did not clean up at all. I tried to net some shad there, but had no luck. We got the boat in the river around 07:45, and headed to the nearby bridge piers that marked fish. We fished for around 25 minutes, no bites and the upriver wind was blowing fairly strong.

We headed for the Licking River to get out of the wind and look for some shad. As it turned out it was a very long boat ride to get the shad, but I did net around a dozen of them for bait. We started heading back down the Licking. I marked some fish around 0945, so we stopped to fish. My Grandson put one of the fresh shad on his line and he got a bite. I thought we were going to get some action. No other action at all, so we decided to head all way back to the Ohio River at 10:50.

We went up to my favorite spot and go set up just where I wanted. We had 5 rods out, 4 with Shad and one with chicken breast. I was very disappointed that we did not even get a tap there. Pulled up our anchor and headed up to a deep hole on the Ohio side. Normally we mark fish there, but not today. So we headed back down river again to another spot, same story. We then did mark some fish by the bridge pier above the breakers so we stopped. No bites, my grandson got caught up o a snag. He had to break off his line.

So finally we headed to our last stop down by the Covington Landing area, where I did mark fish. Once again we were not rewarded with any bites. 12:50 we called it a day and headed back to the ramp. The temperature was perfect for me to be out, just frustrated once again with being skunked! Seems the fishing gods still have curse on me. It was good to spend time with my grandson and being outdoors for a change. We are saying it once again “at least we tried”.


June 1st. I finally got my boat out to the lake for my shakedown trip. I picked up my grandson around 09:45. We got to the lake and my grandson caught a small crappie as I was backing the boat down the ramp at 10:40 that was a good sign.

We got the motor stared and on the lake around 10:50, headed over to a cove to try for some bluegills. We were trying to get a few of them for live bait to feed the catfish. As we moved around I did not mark any fish at all with my fish finder. Then we left for the main body of the lake. The lake has a no wake rule so it took some time to get to where I wanted to fish.

11:25 I finally stopped, for I marked fish and we dropped the front anchor to fish. A short time passed when the wind picked up so I had to drop the back anchor to hold the boat stead. I baited up with dead bluegill head and a piece of chicken breast for the catfish. My grandson was still going after bluegills. No bites so we move to another spot at 12:05

My grandson caught a small channel cat at 12:10 on a piece of red worm. 12:14 he hooked a small bluegill, which I took for catfish bait. He caught 2 more small channel cats and 2 more bluegills at that spot. We move a little ways to a new spot , but he had bites but no hook ups

. 14:00 We headed back to the lake and the first cove we fished, there were some folks fishing the area we wanted to hit so tried a different spot. My grandson hooked a bluegill as soon as the worm hit the water! So it looked like he was going have some fun. As it turned out he did get only a few taps no more bites that was the last of the action for the day.

14:50 We headed for the dock, as usual, there was a guy having problem backing his pontoon boat down the ramp. There was a bass boat tied up at the end of the dock so I knew it was be awhile before we could us the dock. We took the time to start packing our gear away and braking down my rods

. We finally got the boat on the trailer and headed home around 15:10. The boat checked out O.K. for the river. Once again my grandson had the honors; He caught 3 small channel cats and 4 small bluegills. I did take a couple photos of him and the fish. We had perfect temperatures to be out on the water. We had a good time being together, and that was the important thing.

May 4th I picked up my grandson around 09:30. He had 2 containers of red worms for this trip. We headed off to my friends farm pond.

We got to the pond around 10:30 after a bout a .5mile walk to thru the pasture. The pond was clear, but the moss has grown thicker than the last time we fished there. My grandson once again had 4 bluegills landed before I got my line in the water.

I was using a light collapsible rod with a trigger style spinning reel for the first time. It took me some time to get used to casting that set up. I was getting bite but just not hooking the fish. 11:05 I finally hooked my first bluegill of the day.

12:00 my grandson caught an 11:5 inch l.m.bass on one of the small blue gills he had caught. The bluegills were biting hot then cold on and off the rest of the time we fished. My grandson had honors again for the biggest and most fish caught. He had 27 bluegills and 1 bass. I had only 17 bluegills, but missed as many as I caught.

14:00 we called it a day for we were out of worms, we walked backed to the car. My grandson took over 30 small bluegills into the farm yard to feed my friend’s barn cats. They came out to feast on the fish as soon as he threw them on the ground. So another win-win day, we had action and they got some good food.

My grandson's 11.5 inch bass from the pond

April 19th. I picked up my grandson around 09:30. We headed off to my friend’s farm. We decided to go to the larger pond since the ground was so wet. He has cattle in that part of his land, that made big hole in the mud. We got our lines in the water around 10:45. The pond was muddy, and a very cool breeze chilled us a little. My grandson hooked a nice bass and was trying to lift it onto the dock when the bass got off. He was set up for bluegills so he had a small hook. I suspect the is why the bass got off. We did catch a few small bluegills but not a lot of action. We put the few fish in a bag, for my friend wanted us to save the fish to feed his barn cats.

11:45 we started walking to the smaller pond that was a good walk across the field. That pond was a lot clearer, my grandson got started as I walked off to the side of the pond. He got 6 or 7 bluegills even before I got my line in the water. I got one nice bluegill as he was getting more action, so I decided to walk back over where he was. I also started hitting them as well. We were using tiny thin red worms for bait, that my friend has suggested we use. My grandson caught a couple of bass one was 12 inches, the other ws around 10 inches. We took one of the small bluegills we had and put it one another rod and tried for bigger bass. I did catch a 7 inch bass on my blue gill rod.

13:00 my grandson checked the weather on his smart phone, he said rain would be showing up in 20 minutes. 10 minutes later it started to rain, so we decided to pack up our gear and head back to the car.

It was a long walk but we made it o.k. not very wet. We had around 25 bluegills to feed the cats so they were happy I am sure. It was a win–win, we had plenty of action and my friend’s cats got feed. My grandson beat me again. He caught over25 bluegills and 2 bass. I caught 11 bluegills and one bass we put the larger bluegills back into the pond. that way we can catch them again. I am certain we would have caught many more if the rains did not cut the trip short. No doubt we will be fishing the pond in the future.

My friend was happy with my report of how we did and his cats were getting a lot of food.

April 8th. I was talking with my friend when he suggested we wet a line at the farm pond again. I answered YES, so we set up a time to go. He picked me up around 13:00 and we were off for some action. We had our lines in the upper pond at 13:25. The water was very clear and we could see it was still very shallow. We had live night crawlers this time for bait. I kept on getting taps; the fish were so small they could not hold the small bobber under. I must have tried 20 times before I finally hooked a tiny bluegill. My friend was cast for the big bass he remembered that were in the pond years ago. Needless to say he was very frustrated how the pond is now.

We decided to check out the lower pond around 15:00. Since the ground was dry I was able to walk over to the deeper side of the pond. It was HOT afternoons with temperature of around 83 digress, just a little too hot for my friend. He just found the shade and watched me fish. I caught 14 bluegills and missed many more. I ran out of bait so I kept 4 small bluegills to freeze for catfish bait. We packer it in and headed back to home. We got out for some fresh air anyway. Not sure when we will hit the water again, for now it will cold and rainy the next 10 days.

YOU can sharpen up your catfish catching skills by reading this informative Kindle e-book. Just CLICK on the photo and it will connect you to the Amazon book store! So check it out, it cost less than a dozen night crawlers at the bait shop.

4-6 11:00 my grandson & I headed to a different lake for some bluegill fishing action. 11:35 I baited my catfishing rod with 2 fat night crawlers then got my bluegill rod setup to fish. 12:00 I caught my 1st bluegill of the day. I reeled in my catfish rod and used the bluegill for fresh bait. 12:15 I caught my 2nd bluegill, they were biting very slowly. My grandson only caught 2 bluegills so we packed it in . At 12:50 we headed for another lake.

13:20 we had our lines in the clear water of the lake. Before I got my first bite my grandson had caught 6 bluegill and 2 small bass! So I moved over to where he had set up and followed his directions where to cast. Sure enough I started catching fish. We were using red worms and bits of night crawlers for bait. The action was just as we hoped it would be when left in the morning.

He would be up on me on total caught; then I got ahead, back and forth the whole time. We were both pleased to see that the bluegills were much larger this time than in the past years. Once again my grandson got the honors of most fish and largest fish. I came close this time, for he caught 31 bluegills and 4 bass. I caught 29 bluegill and 2 bass. The bass were small in size from 7-12 inches; but fun to catch.
We packed it in around 16:00 and headed home, some nice smiles on our faces, and good memories of a action filled trip.

April 3rd I picked up my grandson around 10:00 to head to a small lake. We got our lines in the water around 11:05. The sun was out and slight breeze on the clear water. I had expected a decent amount of action, since my grandson had fished here about two weeks ago and caught 7 bluegills. We have had much warmer days since then so the fish should have been more active.
We both covered a lot of the whole lake to locate where the fish were. My grandson even checked out a smaller lake; he reported no thing was biting there. In the meantime I had only 1 bite and missed the fish! A few other guys showed up but they did not do very well either.

At 15:00 we packed it in and headed back up the long trail to my car. Once again my grandson had all the honors. He caught 10 bluegills and a 7 inch l.m.bass. I am still cursed by the fishing gods for I was skunked again! We did have a nice day out doors and sharing time together. WE will try it again to another place next time, maybe I will get some fish!

3-26th. Went fishing with a friend to a farm pond that he had access too. He picked me up around 12:50 and head to the spot. He said he had not been to the pond for a couple of years. The last time there he caught lots of slab size bluegills.
13:20 We arrived at the pond, and he was disappointed that the water level was so low from the last time he was there. It made it difficult to walk around the pond to find an open spot away from the moss.

There was a breeze blowing that made it hard to watch our bobbers. The air was around 70 degrees when the sun was out but, I needed a light jacket when the clouds rolled in. I fished 2 different areas, with the same results, NO bites

We decided to hang it up and go to another lake at 15:00. We headed to a county lake.We stopped and I got 2 dozen red worms for we had been using fake bait at the pond.

15:30 We got our lines in the water at the lake,we met another friend of ours that was fishing there. He said he had been there since 11:00, and only had a couple of bites. I put on a small piece of red worm for bluegills. I did get 3 bites, but my friend only noticed a bear hook when he checked his line.

16:35 we packed it in and headed home, for the rain clouds were heading our way. At least we got outside and enjoyed the time together. We are looking forward to when the weather and this confinement ends to wet our lines again.

March 12th. It was a nice sunny morning with temperatures to go up to the mid 60’s. I decided to go fishing at a local park that had bluegills. I stopped off at my local bait store and a drive thru to get some lunch
It seemed that as soon as I had the lines in the water the clouds moved in and blocked the sun. Then a stiff breeze started up making watching my small bobber more difficult to watch. I called it a day and headed home.
I had hoped for more action just 3 small bluegills but at least not skunked. I am sure had the sun stayed out the action would have been better. At least I did get out and wetted a line at last.
March 2nd. My wife and I got our fishing license from our local Mom & pop bait shop. So hopefully we can go wet a line together this season.

January 12th. My wife and I attended the Tri-State outdoor show. I got there just in time to hear my friend Mark Blauvelt’s presentation. He is a catfishing pro that has been in fishing tournaments for the past 15 years. He talked about how important it is for returning any decent size catfish back in to the river in this part of the Ohio River. Since the commercial fishermen have removed so many of the decent to large size catfish from the Markland Pool. He did say West Virginia is the section of the Ohio that has larger catfish, especially the Blue cats. He stated that some of those catfish are slowly moving down river each year.
He showed 3 different rigs that he uses to catch fish in the tournaments. The one that caught my interest was the 3 hook rig. This is for vertical fishing right off the side of a boat. He had a 10 ounce sinker at bottom of his leader. Then a snelled hook 6 inches above the sinker, then 2 snelled hooks tied a foot above the first hook. He uses 7/0 red circle hooks on his rigs, but one can use what you want. He did suggest do NOT buy cheap HOOKS for they will not hold up if you are after big catfish. I have to study up on how to tie such a rig for use this coming season on the river.
The second rig was leader with a 3 inch peg bobber, the rattle then a 7/0 circle hook to a swivel. This is his standard rig for lakes or river. He stressed that some folks use demon dragon, etc instead of the bobber. If you are going that route just buy the blank; the rattle is the main point and the blanks are cheaper.
The finally rig was for bumping which requires you to hold the rod at all times. He had his rattle then a heavy sinker to keep lifting of the bottom, then let out line. This covers a lot of water if the is a decent current in the river. He did admit your arms, and wrest do get very sore after doing it for any length of time. I am far too old to wear out my arms doing that, so I will not be using that trick.
After his talk my wife and I walked around to all the booths. I did pick up some items I needed and wanted for this coming season. I got some 1 oz. flat and round sinkers for lake fishing. I found some micro bobbers for crappie fishing. Finally I got a bag of elastic webbing to hold a ball of chicken liver for my catfishing. I had been trying to find that since last summer.
I stopped by Mark’s booth and he cut off that 3 hook set up and gave it to me. Now I will be able to study how he snelled those hooks. It was a nice to spend some time at the show one thing for sure; it got my fishing fever up!
By the way Mark Blauvelt will be speaking at the Cincinnati fishing show at the Sharonville Center some time Feb 28th-March 1st. I am not sure what date or time. I am certain it is worth your time to hear what he has to say.

We have had such warm temperatures for the past week I thought I would get in some fishing. So Dec 27th I picked up my grandson at 11:00 for a trip to a new pond to check out. WE stopped off at our local bait shop for some wax worms, and I had some other. I took bait for catfish. We arrived at the pond about 12:00 the water was clear. I took out my wireless fish finder to check the depth of the different sections of the pond. The deepest area was only 10 feet, and the fish alarm did sound off a couple of times.

I finally got my lines in the water around 12:25. My grandson was using a small fly and he caught a small crappie on the other side of the pond. I tried my wax worms for bluegills and chicken breast for catfish. I was not getting any bites, while my grandson was catching bluegills. I decided to go over to his side of the pond, but left my fishing bag at that spot.

I took both rods with me; I cast the catfish rod out into the 10 foot area with a large dead creek chub as the bait. My grandson was still catching the bluegills, now with wax worms I had. I moved around that part of the pond. Finally I did catch 1 bluegill on the wax worms. I just had stare in amazement as my grandson was hammering the fish. Nearly every cast he caught a fish or had a bite! He was fishing dead line no weight at all, then a tiny round bobber. I had a long thin clip on bobber with 1 tiny split shot for weight.

When the wax worms ran out I tried some corn, it did get bite but did not catch anything. The wind on the water did blow my catfish bobber rig onto a snag; when I tried to reel it in I had to break the line. The bobber did get blown back to the shore anyway

. We called it a day at 15:00and packed up our gear. My grandson blew me away on this trip. He caught 39 bluegills, 1 crappie! I caught 4 bluegills. I just do not understand how he does it! Odds are we will check out the pond again this season. Not a bad way to end fishing for 2019.

View of new lake we fishedMy grandson with one of the 40 bluegills he caught that day!!

Dec 12th. SUMMARY OF MY 2019 SEASON This Spring the Ohio River was too high to fish due to the heavy rains that fell all over this area I therefore had to fish a number of local ponds and small lakes. I did not get to fish the river in my boat until August! I did catch a few catfish from those spots. I caught mostly bluegills and a number of decent large mouth bass.

On August 25th. I finally got my boat on the river and caught my first catfish, a small flathead on a creek chub. I had only 10 trips in my boat this season. The total catfish from the river was 16 fish. I caught 2 flatheads, 6 channel cats, and 8 blue cats. My biggest catfish was a blue cat that was only 9 pounds. A number of trips with my grandson we never even got a tap at all, very frustrating! At the end of those days we said “at least we tried”. Eight of the catfish were caught with chunks of strawberry seasoned e chicken breast. Two more were caught with garlic seasoned chicken breast.

I did catch a few more catfish at the ponds over the Summer and Fall trips. I will say I did have as much or more fishing action and fun at those spots as I did with my boat on the river. Not a great year, but better than 2018.

I am packing my fishing gear away for this season. Looking back over this year I did better at my friend’s pond and small lakes than I did on the river. The Ohio River was so high all the way up till June again this year. I believe I had about the same number of trips where I caught catfish and was skunked. I am thinking about going to the fishing show at Sharonville in January to shake off some cabin fever.

I hope to locate some local spots to catch some skipjacks next season. I already know where to trap the creek chubs for bait. I know where to fine the Catawba worms next summer for bait. I hope the Shad show up better I hope than this past summer.

Odds are I will only be using my boat on the same parts of the river I have fished over the years. I keep on thinking about taking a trip where there are big catfish; but never doing it. Well that is it for now, will have to see what happens next year.

My largest catfish of 2019 was a 9 pound Blue Cat. I caught it on a chunk of garlic seasoned chicken breast. Here is the photo of that fish.

My largest catfish of 2019 a 9 pound bluecatfrom the Ohio River at Newport Ky.!

November the 25th. It was a bright sunny day so I decided to wet a line. A person told me about catching fish at a local Kentucky lake with wax worms this past weekend. That lake is where I went; I stopped for the wax worms at the store the person suggested. I checked out their bait, all the wax worms were dead! That was not what I had expected, but I did have my back up baits anyway.

I got to the lake and saw a lot of folks were fishing; everyone was making the best of a warm day. I got my lines in the water at 13:10, one dead line one with a bobber rig. The wind was a real problem for it was blowing directly in my face. With the angle of the sun glare bouncing off the water; watching the bobber was difficult.

At 14:45 I called it a day for I did not even get a single tap on either rod. The guys fishing for trout were at least having some action. I was only going for catfish. Once again I had to “I tried”!

On May the 14th. 2016 I got a small freezer at an estate sale yesterday for my FISHING BAIT! My wife is also happy that the bait is out of our big freezer. So I now have a place to keep a load of Skipjacks. With the river getting down I hope to start catching some in the next couple of weeks. I should finally get my boat in the river to go after some catfish.
I also did some shopping at my hometown city wide yard sale. I came home with an open face fishing rig for skipjacks and a backpack to carry my bluegill & skipjack gear. I got great deals at both the estate sale and the yard sales. Proof again that YOU can save money shopping at such places.

Here is a link to a KINDLE e-book “Shop To Save !” that will help YOU to get similar deals on items YOU want or need.



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In 2015 I intend to fishing from the boat & bank as often as the river conditions allow. I now am certain I can handle the big boat at the ramp. I may even have some help next year from my grandson. I may even try to enter a local tournament if I can find a partner. I just hope there enough decent size catfish left around here to make the reward worth the effort.

SUMMARY OF 2014 CATFISHING SEASON: I started this season in August for various reasons. I only got 7 trips 3 in my new boat, 4 from the bank with my brother. The number and size of the fish I caught was very disappointing. I caught 3 channel cats, 4 blue cats, 1 Sheep head perch. The biggest fish was a channel cat only 3 3/4 pounds.

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Aug 13th. 2013 Talked with some guys that are divers that work on the river, they informed up they have seen the Asian Carp up at Point Pleasant, Ohio. That means these fish are certainly in the Markland pool!!

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Catfishing Basic Equipment.

  • Decent reel with clicker.
  • 10 to 20lb test line for channel cats.
  • Bag to hold hooks, sinkers, knife etc.
  • Cooler for food and drinks.
  • Camera and weighing scale for evidence of the BIG 1!

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