View of Ohio River at Cincinnati OhioMY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

Wet a line and stay awhile!

CELEBRATING over 21 YEARS of providing excellent CATFISHING information for ROD BENDING ACTION in the Cincinnati area of the Ohio River. Blue cats, Flatheads, and Channel cats can be hooked right here in the Downtown Cincinnati river front area. I am just an ole retired guy that likes to catfish, I am NOT a catfish guide, I do have a link to a GUIDE for this part of the river on this page if you are seeking a catfish guide trip. Catfishing baits, bank fishing spots, tips from a catfishing guide. Tips for saving money on YOUR catfishing tackle. Information on catfishing baits I have used to catch catfish. Where to go to Catch HUGE Channel cats in Canada.

For 2021 I wish everyone "BE SAFE; STAY HEALTHY and TIGHT LINES!"

Oct. 9th I meet Curtis at Schmidt’s ramp, and had his boat the in the water by 07:40. We had 8 rods with skipjack for bait. Curtis caught 5 cats, 3 channel and 2 flatheads. The channels averages around 5 pounds, The big flathead was 9.6 pounds. I missed a nice fish, my knot came undone. I did catch a small flathead, only 9 inches long. I was not skunked on the trip any way.

His motor worked fine again, we call it a day at 13:30. Finally had a fun day of action for a change!

Sept 29-Oct 1st I went catfishing with 3 different friends in my boat. I caught 1 channel cat 22 inches. My friend Mike caught a small blue cat on the first day.

The second day out with my fiend George I caught a 23 inch channel cat had some taps and George had a good bite but, he missed it.

The last day with my friend Scott, we went West of Cincinnati and only had taps.


08:45 we had our lines in the water; he hooked a catfish within 5 minutes. The fish got under the motor, the line was cut by the prop. We thought we were going to catch a load of catfish at this spot. It did not work out that way for us.

We tried severals spots all day long, NO bites! We had 8 rods in the water baited with thawed skipjack. There had to be a decent scent trail for the catfish.



September 10th. I went and meet George 07:30 to go fish from my boat. My plan was to launch from the Cincinnati public landing, however the pay automatic gate was broken! We then went upriver to the Schmidt’s ramp. We got the boat in the river at 08:15. We got to our first spot 09:30, stayed for around 20 minutes with no bites. There was a slight down river breeze, a slow current and clear sky.

10:10 we dropped anchor still on the Ohio side.10:25 I had a hard bit on frozen skip jack but missed the fish. 10:45 George hooked into a fish, a blue cat about 2 pounds. That fish liked George’s chicken liver. That got skunk off my boat for this year! We both were getting bites but no hook ups. 11:45 we called it a day and headed back to the ramp. The motor fired up fine but still not running right! We loaded the boat on the trailer, and headed home at 12:22.

August 31st. I am very frustrated now that the temperature has come down the Ohio River is going way up! River is going to be around 40 ft this weekend! That means at least 1 week before the river can try to get back in shape to fish. Looks like I will have to hit a local lake for some bluegill fishing once again, just to have some action.

I did repair the hole in my casting net, so I can try or shad whenever I can get back on the river. I also fixed my minnow trap so it won’t pop open like happened the other week. I know the chubs are in the creek just have to wait until I need them for the catfish.

Aug 19th. I finally got to clean out the crabs with 1 gallon of gas and a full can of SeaFoam. It took a lot longer to run a gallon of gas than I had expected. Main thing is I did blow a good amount of smoke out of the motor. Not sure when I will get the motor checked out on the river. The temps are going to be in the 90’s and high 80’s the rest of this month. I am hoping it will cool off in September. I am very eager to catfishing again!

August 2nd. Since it was such a cool day and I wanted some fishing action I decided to go for some bluegills. I left the house 12:10 and head to my local bait shop. I got a cup of wax worms and the off to a small local lake. I had my lines in the water at 12:55. I walked around half of the lake and only had one bite, did hook a 6.5 inch blue gill. I then said nothing biting hear I try another lake.

20 minutes later I had my line in the water. Only seconds later I caught my first bluegill. I knew right thing I was finally going to have some for a change. I caught 13 of them and missed as many as I caught. I even caught one on power bait wax worm.

The real wax worms for some reason were very tiny, so I will check out another bait shop next I go for blue gills. I did keep 6 of them to freeze for catfish bait. I was happy I went to the second lake made for a fun time.

July 29th. I overslept for my fishing trip. I woke at 06:26 and had a meeting time for 07:00. I jumped out of bed and dressed, I grabbed my lunch cooler and bait cooler and ran to my car. I already had my fishing gear in the car. I drove down to check my minnow trap for creek chubs. To my surprise, something had open up the trap. I was upset for I was counting on the chubs for fresh bait! The ramp was not that far away so I did arrive at 07:00 and my friend already had the boat in the water.

I grabbed my stuff and got into his boat and we headed up river. Our lines were in the river around 07:25. The sky was hazy and a slight down river breeze made for a pleasant temperature. There was a stronger current than I had expected, and the water was fairly clear.

I only had my back up baits of old frozen Shad and some seasoned chicken breast. My friend had bought 3 sealed skipjacks for his bait. My friend had some taps then he got a solid bite. He hooked a nice flathead that weighed 16 pounds. I took a couple photos of him and the fish before he released it back to fight another day. We stayed a little longer then headed up river to some barge pilings.

This spot was in deepwater, around 40ft. My friend caught 2 decent size channel cats, both in the 5-6 pound range. Once again they were released after I took some photos. Then we moved up river once again.

This spot, my rod got hammered! When I picked up my rod, nothing was pulling on the line. When I reeled in the line it was cut clean like a knife! The only thing I thought could do that would have to be a large Gar. I then get a strong tap on my rod; I finally pulled back and hook something of decent size. It took some time to get it up by the boat, it was turtle. Not sure what type for the side of the boat was very high. My friend had to cut the line sine the hook was in the throat of the turtle.

The sun finally broke thru but the breeze still kept us cool. Headed back down river to our first spot, but not taps at all. 14:00 we called it a day and headed to the ramp. When we got the boat on the trailer and unloaded our gear, which is when we realized how hot it really was! When I got into my car the temp reading was 93! We did have some action for our time on the water. Hope to do another trip soon. I will have to find another spot to place my minnow trap, sure could have used those creek chubs.

YOU can sharpen up your catfish catching skills by reading this informative Kindle e-book. Just CLICK on the photo and it will connect you to the Amazon book store! So check it out, it cost less than a dozen night crawlers at the bait shop.


July 15th. I meet my new partner for our 1st trip on the river. I finally got my boat in the river after having my motor and fuel line worked on in April. The river current was up to 1.9 mph which is much higher than I like it to be. The water was muddied up a little.

07:45 got on the water and head down river to net some shad. We marked the on the fish finder but was only able to get 2 small and 1 large shad. I almost lost my net on a snag, but was able to free it without much damage.

We moved down river about a mile to a deep hole. Dropped the anchor, but it did not grab in the fast current. We had to deal with a very slow drift for over 30 minutes. No taps or anything. So we lifted anchor and headed over to the Ohio side.

We kept on watching the fish finder hoping to locate some catfish. As it turned out a long boat ride down and back up the river without spotting any fish.

There was another hole and this time the anchor held. We fished for about another 30minutes before lifting the anchor.
11:00 the last spot of the day was above the Anderson Ferry on the Ky.side. We were out of fresh bait so we tried thawed shad and seasoned chicken breast. That did not get any bites either. It was getting hot so we called it a day and headed back to the ramp.

On the way upriver the motor would only run about 1/3 of the speed! No matter what I did with the throttle, I was upset about that. I had paid a good amount of money to get the motor fixed in the Spring.

So it looks like I am still under the curse of boat problems and no fish for a trip! At least having a partner will enable to get the boat off and on the trailer without worry of falling. c

June 13th. I woke at05:00 to head off to meet my friend for a catfishing trip on the Ohio River. He had invited me to go out on his 24 ft. pontoon boat this April. We got on the boat and hit the river around 06:05. We headed up river and anchored on the Ohio side where we marked a number of catfish at 06:20.
BR> Tyler had a live well with a number of live shad he netted the night before. He baited up one rod with a small live shad and the other 4 rods with chunks of big shad. At 06:45 the one rod went down and I hook a nice bluecat. It was 27 inches, 11.6pounds. That is the biggest bluecat I have caught in over 3 years. So you know I was a very happy guy! It hit the live shad. Tyler re-baited the rod with another small live shad.

06:50 Tyler missed a bite on the same rod. 07:15 Tyler did catch another bluecat, this one was also 27 inches. It weighted just 10 pounds. By this time the canopy on the boat kept use cool from the sun. There was a swift current and a slight breeze made it very comfortable. Then at 07:30 I caught a 19 inch flathead 3.7 pounds. That also was the largest flathead I have caught in several years.

Tyler had several bites but just was not able to hook them. The bites were on big chunks of shad or the shad head. At 08:30 we decided to head back down river. We spotted lots of shad, so Tyler threw of his casting net for fresh bait. On his second cast he netted a spoonbill catfish! He had never done that before, I took a couple photos of that event!

Marked fish in the same area gave it a shot. The pleasure boats started showing up around 10:15. Had a couple of taps but that was that all that happen. Called it a day at 11:00 and headed home.

I was very pleased with the trip for I caught 2 decent catfish. The fish were bigger that I caught all of last season. I am looking forward to our next trip in his boat.

11.6 pound bluecat<!--- Image --><P><IMG  align=left alt=

June 7th. ATTENTION! There is a new bait & tackle shop in Northern CAMPBELL COUNTY. The shop is located at 705 Fairfield Ave in Bellevue just before heading into Dayton.

They are just opening up so have limited live bait right now. They have waxworms, gold fish, bluegills, night crawlers, andL tiny LEECHES.

As for tackle they have about anything you need. They pride themselves on having about any color of Abu bait casting reels!

You can check out their FACE BOOK. The REEL HOUSE for a view of what they have in stock.

May 7th. I finally got to wet a line. A friend and I went to a small local lake to fish for crappie. We use minnows and jig for bait. The water was clear but very cold. We fished for 2.5 hours, my friend caught 3 small crappie; I hooked 2 bluegills. We intend to return when the water warm up.

Saturday I met up with Scott who will be my boat fishing buddy. He is eager as I am to catch some catfish this season. It will be a great help to have someone to help getting the boat on & off the trailer and lift up the anchor from the deep water. The Ohio River is up and muddy again so not sure when we can start fishing. Maybe early June since Scott will be out of town the last week of May.

April 6th. My grandson & I left with boat for a shakedown trip around 09:00. We drove to a nearby lake, that ramp and dock is not a good set up at all; took some time to unload the boat. Once we got the motor fired up it had to stay at NO WAKE speed.
Motored back up to the dock area, fished a cove that was loaded with shad. My grandson finally caught some fish, 1 crappie and 5 small bluegills.
Around 14:15 we headed to the dock. The motor did not work very well at all, kept on dying every 5 minutes.
April 7th I took it out to the boat shop to get it fixed. They said it would be late April before they could get to check it out!
April 28th. I got a call from my boat shop that boat was fixed. Thursday afternoon I went and picked it up. When I got home I put the boat cover on just in time for another rain shower stared.
Friday morning I woke up with a runny nose, as the day progressed I was getting sicker. Saturday morning I called my catfishing partner to inform him there was NO way I would be able to fishing the tournament on Sunday! I we very disappointed for we had both been looking forward to trying our luck. So we will try again in June to wet a line.

March 27th. I got a call from my son around 14:45 asking if I wanted to go fishing. I said “sure”! When should I pick him and my grandson up? He knew where the small lake was located, so I let him drive my car.
We got to the place around 16:00, the lake was very clear. There was some breeze blowing across the water. I had to rig up my rod; and I had some trouble finding the right size hook for bluegills. By the time I got my line in the water my grandson had already hooked 4 small l.m.bass and 2 bluegills. I finally found the size 6 hook I wanted which enabled me to start getting the bluegills. The water was very cold for my bluegills coloring was very faded.
It was a nice day to be out on the water, sunny and 70 degrees. We packed it in and headed to the car around 18:45. My grandson wound up with 8 small bass and 8 bluegills. I got 16 bluegills so were tied this trip! It was a wonderful trip with action for a change.
I am eager to go to that lake anytime we can go. I told my son & grandson "thanks for inviting me to go with them! The weather is turning cold and rainy in the next week so not sure when I will get out fishing again.

Support YOUR local Mom & Pop bait shop,for they help us get the items we need to enjoy our fishing trips!

Since the commercial fishermen are monitoring catfishing web sites I will be editing my updates this season for the fish I catch on the river. I will only state the size of the fish and bait used. I will also be blocking out the back ground on any photos, for I do NOT want the C.F. to clean out that area!!

Here is a video of what the COMMERICAL FISHERMEN are doing to the Ohio River where I fish!!! It has impacted the number of decent fish here! So you can understand the rod & reel fishermen's frustration knowing these big catfish will never be retunred to the river.

March 7th I finally meet up with a guy that plans on being a partner in a local catfish tournament. He has a very nice boat with a top for shad. He has fished the river were the tournaments are held, that is a plus.

Besides the tournaments he suggested we get out on other trips in his boat. That is fine with me for I do have a hard time handling my boat by myself
So I am looking forward to wetting a line together whenever the Ohio River gets settled down

March 5th. My wife and I went to our local Mom & Pop bait store. We are both seniors so Ky. License for both of us was only $24! Right now we will be stuck trying to fish small ponds or lakes, for the Ohio River is still in flood! It will get below flood stage by the weekend, but will be awhile before it gets into fishable shape.
Next week it will been in the upper 50’s or low 60’s, so we should be able to get out to wet a line somewhere.

Feb 27th.I got a call last week from a friend saying he was getting a new freezer, then he asked if I want his old one. He knew I was seeking on for my fishing bait storage. I said “sure I would love to have it!” So this past Saturday afternoon with help of my son we were able to pick it up and get it into my basement. My friend reminded me NOT to plug it in for 24 hours since we had tilt it horizontally to get it into the van.
Late Sunday afternoon, I plug it in and it started up just fine. I put a bag of ice in the freezer as a test to see if the freezer did its job.
Monday morning I went down and the ice was fine. I then stated the job of transferring the bait from my dorm size refrigerator to the new freezer. I will have plenty of space now to store the Gizzard Shad and Skipjacks in the future.
Now it will just be a matter of time before I can go to get the bait. Right now the Ohio River is in flood here at Cincinnati. No telling when the river will get down in shape to get the bait fish.

Feburary 3rd. about a month ago my friend said he had a chest freezer he would give me for free. He was out of town for some time, but finallyI met him. He informed me that when he plug the freezer in the power light did not come on so he said it was dead. So now I am back to square one, which means looking up ads on Market
Place and Craig’s list once again! Hopefully I can get one before March or April so I can start loading it with Skipjacks!


As things are right now, I can only hope; not plan for fishing in 2021. I should get my vaccine shot by February or March so I can get out and meet some people again. I hope the Ohio River gets in fishable conditions by March or April. The past three years the Ohio River did not allow me to use my boat till June!

I also hope the skipjacks show up in April to this part of the river. I want to catch a good number of skipjacks for my catfishing trips. I know the Shad will be around and I can get them with my cast net. I just hope those baits produce more action than they did in 2020! I also hope to locate more spots that hold skipjacks and shad this season for bait.

I hope my grandson can go fishing with me this year; he is graduating from high school this year. That means he may be tied up with working over the summer before he goes off to college. So I am hoping to meet up with a guy to become a fishing buddy. At 77 I need help with my boat and lifting my anchor out of 40 ft. holes. I intend to meet face to face to see how I feel about him as a fishing buddy.

I also have been invited by 2 guys in my area to go out with them on their boats. That will enable me to fish new parts of the river around here! I may also fish in some local catfish tournaments in 2021 if I can get a partner to fish them with me.

I also have a local guy that want to show me a bank fishing spot. I just have to check it out to see how steep the bank is; I can no longer handle climbing around steep rocky areas! So I have my fingers crossed; for bank access is very hard to find around Cincinnati anymore!

My main hope is that I actually have a very active time catching catfish. I would not mind catching some catfish over 10 pounds for a change! The past 3 years I have been getting less and less fish in my boat. Seems I am under some kind of curse from the fishing gods for some reason. I just hope I finally beat the spell in 2021. It has been very frustrating to spend so much time and effort for so little ACTION!

December 26th. My wife and I met with another couple for breakfast this morning. They were telling us how they were busy clearing his out his father’s house. He was storing a lot of it at his own home. So I asked him if he had a small chest freezer among the items. He said YES, I then asked what size. It is what I have been looking for since last Spring; for my fishing bait. I asked how much he wanted for it; I fell over when he said FREE! He will be bringing it down to me before the NEW YEAR.

So now I will have plenty of room for freezing baits such as skipjacks shad, creek chubs and my other back up baits! Things are already looking up for a better year in 2021.

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View of new lake we fishedMy grandson with one of the 40 bluegills he caught that day!!

Dec 12th. SUMMARY OF MY 2019 SEASON This Spring the Ohio River was too high to fish due to the heavy rains that fell all over this area I therefore had to fish a number of local ponds and small lakes. I did not get to fish the river in my boat until August! I did catch a few catfish from those spots. I caught mostly bluegills and a number of decent large mouth bass.

On August 25th. I finally got my boat on the river and caught my first catfish, a small flathead on a creek chub. I had only 10 trips in my boat this season. The total catfish from the river was 16 fish. I caught 2 flatheads, 6 channel cats, and 8 blue cats. My biggest catfish was a blue cat that was only 9 pounds. A number of trips with my grandson we never even got a tap at all, very frustrating! At the end of those days we said “at least we tried”. Eight of the catfish were caught with chunks of strawberry seasoned e chicken breast. Two more were caught with garlic seasoned chicken breast.

I did catch a few more catfish at the ponds over the Summer and Fall trips. I will say I did have as much or more fishing action and fun at those spots as I did with my boat on the river. Not a great year, but better than 2018.

I am packing my fishing gear away for this season. Looking back over this year I did better at my friend’s pond and small lakes than I did on the river. The Ohio River was so high all the way up till June again this year. I believe I had about the same number of trips where I caught catfish and was skunked. I am thinking about going to the fishing show at Sharonville in January to shake off some cabin fever.

I hope to locate some local spots to catch some skipjacks next season. I already know where to trap the creek chubs for bait. I know where to fine the Catawba worms next summer for bait. I hope the Shad show up better I hope than this past summer.

Odds are I will only be using my boat on the same parts of the river I have fished over the years. I keep on thinking about taking a trip where there are big catfish; but never doing it. Well that is it for now, will have to see what happens next year.

My largest catfish of 2019 was a 9 pound Blue Cat. I caught it on a chunk of garlic seasoned chicken breast. Here is the photo of that fish.

My largest catfish of 2019 a 9 pound bluecatfrom the Ohio River at Newport Ky.!

November the 25th. It was a bright sunny day so I decided to wet a line. A person told me about catching fish at a local Kentucky lake with wax worms this past weekend. That lake is where I went; I stopped for the wax worms at the store the person suggested. I checked out their bait, all the wax worms were dead! That was not what I had expected, but I did have my back up baits anyway.

I got to the lake and saw a lot of folks were fishing; everyone was making the best of a warm day. I got my lines in the water at 13:10, one dead line one with a bobber rig. The wind was a real problem for it was blowing directly in my face. With the angle of the sun glare bouncing off the water; watching the bobber was difficult.

At 14:45 I called it a day for I did not even get a single tap on either rod. The guys fishing for trout were at least having some action. I was only going for catfish. Once again I had to “I tried”!

On May the 14th. 2016 I got a small freezer at an estate sale yesterday for my FISHING BAIT! My wife is also happy that the bait is out of our big freezer. So I now have a place to keep a load of Skipjacks. With the river getting down I hope to start catching some in the next couple of weeks. I should finally get my boat in the river to go after some catfish.
I also did some shopping at my hometown city wide yard sale. I came home with an open face fishing rig for skipjacks and a backpack to carry my bluegill & skipjack gear. I got great deals at both the estate sale and the yard sales. Proof again that YOU can save money shopping at such places.

Here is a link to a KINDLE e-book “Shop To Save !” that will help YOU to get similar deals on items YOU want or need.



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In 2015 I intend to fishing from the boat & bank as often as the river conditions allow. I now am certain I can handle the big boat at the ramp. I may even have some help next year from my grandson. I may even try to enter a local tournament if I can find a partner. I just hope there enough decent size catfish left around here to make the reward worth the effort.

SUMMARY OF 2014 CATFISHING SEASON: I started this season in August for various reasons. I only got 7 trips 3 in my new boat, 4 from the bank with my brother. The number and size of the fish I caught was very disappointing. I caught 3 channel cats, 4 blue cats, 1 Sheep head perch. The biggest fish was a channel cat only 3 3/4 pounds.

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Aug 13th. 2013 Talked with some guys that are divers that work on the river, they informed up they have seen the Asian Carp up at Point Pleasant, Ohio. That means these fish are certainly in the Markland pool!!

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MY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

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CANADIAN Catfishing
If you want to catch HUGE channel cats in the 20 to 25 lb range go to Canada. The Red River at Lockport, Manitoba is the place to go!

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Huge Channel Cat from Lockport Manitoba Another Red River Monster Channel Cat from LOCKPORT MANITOBA!

FREE! river stage information for ALL the rivers in the U.S. RIVER STAGE FOR Ohio River at Cincinnati!

UPDATED 8-19-2021

Catfishing Basic Equipment.

  • Decent reel with clicker.
  • 10 to 20lb test line for channel cats.
  • Bag to hold hooks, sinkers, knife etc.
  • Cooler for food and drinks.
  • Camera and weighing scale for evidence of the BIG 1!

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