JUNE 12, 2004! This past Sunday morning I got my lines in the water at 06:45. The Ohio River was around 31 feet, muddy and running hard. I had 2 rods, one a dead line the other with a bobber set for 25 feet. I fished the outside of the part of the barge until 08:03, no bites at all.

I packed up my gear and moved to the back and inside of the barge. The barge provide a current brake with a deep hole right there. This enable my lines to hold where I cast them The only drawback is the platform is 10 feet above the water. I had a big blue cat break my line a while back when I tried to lift it up to my dip net that was short of reaching the water. I solved that by making my own handled extension to reach the water so that will happen again.

that spot.

At 08;20 my 3 1/2 month catfish drought finally ended! A blue cat hit my suspended bait and took off. He was a nice fish so I took my time to enjoy the thrill . Once I got him him next to the barge had to wind the line to where the fish was right at the top of the water. I then took my modified dip net and got him out of the water o.k. When I got him up he weighted 5.5lbs. and was 23 inches long. Took a couple photos with my self timing camera. Hopefully I was lined up correctly with the lens.

At 09:20 the dead line took off and the 2nd blue cat of the day finally came to the top. He was a bigger fish so it was a real trick getting him to stay right a the top of the water so I could net him. He came in at 10.1 lbs. and 29 inches. Took 2 pictures of this guy looking forward to see how they turn out.

Rebaited and cast it back out. Right away it got hit again. I picked up the pole and set the hook, nice fish at the other end. When I got it up it was a decent size CARP. It has been some time since I had a carp on the other end of my rod. When he got to the dip net zone he would not sit still at the top of the water. He keep on making runs and diving on me. It did take some effot to get him in the net. He topped my sacle at 9.2 lbs. I even took picture of him before returning him to his home.

Thing slowed down so I decided to be ready to go home by 11:00. I was putting my gear in order when my dead line took some hits. Picked up the pole and set the hook. When I first saw the fish I thought it was a nice white perch. AS I got it closer realized it was another carp. I had to put my dip net back together so I could get him out of the water. This guy came in at 6.5 lbs. last 2 photos of the day and back in the water he went.

I did finally back up my stuff and headed home, tired yet pleased with the action of the morning. Both of the cats and one of the crap were caught with chuncks of prime rib left overs from the restraunat. The last fish hit the chunk of Tuna blood vain trimed from the Tuna by the restraunt. It does help to have friends as I have that work at a restraunt. Both crap were hooked not swallowing the bait as I expected. That means they will not die from their experience. The Ohio River is heading back up to 35 ft or more. One of these day it will get in pool stage and stay there for a little while. Then I will be able to use my boat to check out some spots I learned about last Fall.

Keep the hooks sharp, tight lines to all.


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