2012 Catfishing ACTION!

MY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!


Here is the information of the trips of this 2012 CATFISHING SEASON.

I took 26 catfishing trips on the Ohio River in 2012. I fished from early April till the later part of October. I only had 14 trips where I caught at least one fish. The other 12 frustrating times I was skunked! Tally for the fish I did catch is: 17 Channel Cats, 13 Blue Cats, 1 Flathead Cat, 2 Carp, 4 Sheephead Perch. My biggest catfish was a 25 ¾ pound Bluecat , The largest Channel Cat was only 9 pounds. The Flathead was really small; just over 2 pounds. The largest Carp was at 6 pounds, the Perch were all around 1.5 pounds
This was NOT a very good year for me. From what I have read & heard most of the folks had below normal seasons as well. Hopefully 2013 will be more enjoyable and rewarding. With some reasonable current and cooler weather fishing conditions should improve the fishing action.

Oct. 24th. I left the Public Landing at 08:00 headed straight for the Mill Creek area. 08:20 had my lines in the water below the 472.marker. No wind and very little current. 09:00 moved up to the 472 marker for there was a boat sitting by the barge tie up. I had 2 strong taps on the skipjack. 10:00 wanted to move above the barge area; my starter was acting up once I got the motor running decided to play it safe and just head up to Hooters. As I went by the guy at the barge tie up he told me he had caught 3 cats. He also had lot of taps on the fresh Shad.
10:30 I was at Hooters and now there was an up river wind; I put out the back anchor to hold the boat. I was able to tighten the bolt on the starter now had the tension once again when pulling the cord. No taps even. So called it a day at 11:15, for the wind was getting on the stronger. When I lifted the back anchor did not realize I knock my fishfinder transducer loose. The motor fired up right away and took off for the ramp. When I got the boat onto the trailer that is when I learned my prop had cut the cable off the transducer! On top of that I now have a wiring problem with my trailer. So I am packing it in for this year.
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Oct. 16th. I got to the ramp late due to the fog. I did net some small shad so had fresh bait. I had my lines in the water at the Mill Creek at 09:05. 1 fish at 1st spot then nothing so moved up several yards and in closer to the barges. Then things picked up till around 12:00 then they stopped.
I had only 1 fish on the suspended rod; no bites on the bobber rig, 6 fish on the dead line. One Sheep Head Perch on the fresh shad, all the rest were on chucks of thawed Skipjack. I had 1 channel & 1 blue cat both 9 pounds. 2 more channel cats 7.5 pounds, 2 Perch both about 1.5 pounds. 1 baby channel cat 11 inches finished up the list. I had a big catfish hit but never got it off the bottom; it ran onto a snag that finally cut my line! I did have other bites so I was very active with watching the rod tips.
I packed it in for the day at 12:45 and headed for the ramp. Now I have to get more skipjacks for bait the Shad really did not work for me.

Oct 13th. I had my boat in the river 08:30 heading for the Mill Creek. Just as I was getting about a mile from my spot I spotted a tow boat heading for the barges. I had to wait for him to get a barge out of there before I could get my lines in the water. 08:55 I had all 3 of my lines in the river, had a down river breeze and just a little current. I was able to catch 3 fish; 1 on each, dead line, bobber rig and suspended set up. The fish were 1 channel cat; 1 Sheep Head perch and 1 nice blue cat. The Bluecat was 31 inches and 16 pounds. The action stopped so I headed up to Hooters for the rest of the trip. I caught a baby Bluecat up there and that was it. I headed to the ramp at 12:15. I had a decent day; not too cold and some fish in the boat.

I made up a separate page for photos of the larger fish I caught on the two trips of October 13th. & 16th. Fish totals 4 fish weight 28 pounds on the 13th. On the 16th. 7 fish 37 pounds.
Catfish photos from October 13th. & 16th 2012.

October 4th. UPDATE: My brother & I had such an outstanding trip this day that for all the details I needed to make a separate page. here is the link for some of the photos and details. My BROTHER'S & I BEST BIG cafishing trip of 2012 He put 90 pounds of catfish in the boat that day!!

Sept 28th. UPDATE: Overcast morning with a cross river breeze, just a little current at last. 08:10 lines in the water at the Mill Creek area, down river breeze there so the boat held straight with front anchor. 08:30 clicker sounded on the dead line but fish did NOT come back. I then rig all the lines to treble hooks. I had 3 more taps; somehow they were able to knock off the small skipjacks from the treble hooks! 09:40 moved down river about 100 yards where I marked fish. No action there at also headed up river.

10:35 I had my lines in the water at HOOTERS. 10:45 I hooked the 1st & biggest fish of the day a channel cat of 1 pound 1 oz., 17.5 inches long. Then at 10:50 I had a baby blue cat in the boat. It was only 12 inches 11oz. 11:45 last fish of the day was a 14.5 inch channel cat 1 pound. All the fish hit the bobber rig and the bait was chili pepper seasoned chicken breast. No more action so headed back to the ramp at 12:00. No big fish this trip so no photos were taken. I did have a few fish in the boat, better than being skunked.

Sept 24th. UPDATE: I had such a outstanding trip this day that for all the details I needed to make a separate page. here is the link for some of the photos and details. My BEST catfishing trip of the2012 season!

Here is a photo of the 25 3/4 blue cat 37 inches the biggest Blue of this season!

MY 25 3/4 pound  37 inch BLUECAT Sept. 24 th.2012!

Sept 17th. UPDATE: I got to the ramp at 08:30, did not net any bait fish again. The 9.9 h.p. motor did NOT start, so had to head back home. I switch over to my 6 h.p. motor and drove back to the ramp. I finally got on the river at around 09:50. My 1st spot to fish was to out side of the breaker at the Serpentine Wall downtown Cincinnati. I fished there for around 45 minutes, no action so headed up river.
My favorite spot is HOOTERS and was had my 3 rods in the water there at 10:40. The action with taps started at 10:50, so I switched to a treble hook on the bobber rig. 11:00 strong bit bobber went under but I missed the fish, cleaned of the treble hook somehow? 11:10 I caught a small Bluecat on the bobber, it was only 13 inches! 11:25 had the big cat of the day hooked. This was a 16 inch 1pound 5 oz. Channel Cat. 11:30 missed another good bite had the bobber under again. 12:05 another small channel cat same 13 inch size.
The wind shifted and started blowing up river, I had to put out the back anchor since there was NO current at all. 12:25 boated the last fish of the day a small 13 inch Bluecat. All of the fish were caught on the bobber rig, and hit chili power seasoned chicken breast. Not sure where all the decent size cat are; just keep getting these small guys. I packed it in at 13:15 and headed for the ramp. Did have some action and the treble hook is working for suspended rigs that is for sure. I hope to get back out this Friday maybe back to the Mill Creek area.

September 7th. UPDATE: I No bait fish at the ramp, so I had to depend on my back up baits. I got my 3 lines in the river at 08:15 at the Ky. pier of the Central Bridge. I did get a tap on a piece of thawed Mooneye. 09:10 I moved down river to the Ky. Pier of I-75 bridge to the deep water there. I spent an hour there with NO action at all! I cranked up my motor and headed up river to Hooters.
10:20 was set up just the way I wanted. I started getting TAPS around 10:35. I did get taps but no HARD bites. Every time I got the line in the SMOKIES were gone. The chicken beast was strung out on the hook. Not sure what was nibbling the bait. It was getting hot so I called it a day and headed to the ramp at 11:30. There was just a little current and the water is still very clear, just can not figure out when the fish will really start hitting again. Looks like next Friday will be the earliest I can get back on the river.

8-30 UPDATE Still no bait with the casting net at the Public landing! So started out with my repaired 9.9 and headed to the Mill Creek area. Still no current but had a down river breeze that held my boat straight. I had my 3 lines in the river at 08:45. No bites at all so I dropped down to just above the 472 Marker. 09:20 my bobber rig started bouncing around so I was ready when it went under. I pulled back and thought I missed the fish. As I started winding in the line there was a slight pull at the other end. The fish was a very small bluecat. This fish was only 12.5 inches and 3/4 of a pound. It hit a chunk of thawed bluegill. Stayed there till around 10:00 then headed back up river.

The 9.9 worked just great now I feel sure I can check out more areas of the river around Cincinnati. Had my lines in at HOOTERS at around 10:30. I got 3 hard taps on my bobber rig. Each time I saw the bobber go under and got to pull the fish dropped off. When I checked the line the bait was cleaned off. The red hot smokies was getting the bites but just not stay on the hook.

Since I got no more taps or bites I packed it in at 11:45 and went to the ramp. I am very relieved that at long last I have an outboard motor that works well. Now we just need to get sthen maybe the catfish will start hitting again.

8-27 UPDATE: I got to the ramp around 08:00, this time I netted 1 7 inch skipjack & 1 gizzard shad. I went down river to the CWB Bridge, marked some fish on the channel side of the Ky. Pier. I had 3 lines in the river by 08:20, stayed three till around 09:00. I had NO bites so headed up to HOOTERS.
09:20 I was set up on the outside and above of the deck area. I had to put out the back anchor due to NO CURRENT and an up river breeze. At 10:00 a rain shower came up the river, I was able to get under the deck at HOOTERS just in time and stayed dry. The shower only lasted about 10 minutes so got moved back above HOOTERS. At 10:35 my bobber rig went under, hooked into a small channel cat of 16.5 inches 1.5 pounds. The fish hit a piece of the skipjack I netted at the ramp.
I tried smokies, seasoned chicken breast, thawed bluegill & mooneye, as well as cut gizzard shad from the ramp. No other bites for the trip. I called it a day at 11:30 and went back to the ramp. Not much action but at least I was not skunked on this trip.

August 20th & 21st. UPDATE:
8-20 08-10 I tried to net some Shad at the Public landing ramp; NO luck. I got the boat in the water and headed up river; checking the fishfinder along the Serpentine Wall. No fish there so checked out the piers of the L&N bridge marked some fish on the channel side of the of the 2nd Ky. Pier. 08:30 had 3 lines in the water no current in the river. 09:00 I was at the Ky. Pier of the Central Bridge 0930 did get a tap. That was on seasoned chicken breast.
10:15 was set up at HOOTERS my favorite spot. 10:45 hard tap on red hot smokie knocked the bait off the hook. That was it for this trip headed back home skunked again. The bright spot was the 6 h.p. motor worked just fine. I felt I could now go down river on my next trip without a problem.

8-21 I got over to the Public Landing a round 07:40 got m casting net hung up on a snag at the ramp; could not free it had to cut the line. I got down to the Mill Creek sewer out flow at 08:15. 08:40 my bobber went under and I hooked a fish. It had been so long since I had I fish on the other end it was able to wrap around my anchor rope. I took my time and was able to work the rod and line off the anchor and the fish finally was in the boat. This channel cat was 21 inches and 5 pounds; caught on thawed cut Mooneye. No more bites there, so I moved down to the 472 marker. Stayed there until 10:00; no action so headed up river.

Anchored up at HOOTERS at 10:30, for the next 40 minutes if was great action! 10:40 my dead line took off, hooked a nice fish. This Channel cat put up a good fight getting the dip net on it was a real struggle. When I was getting it into the boat my bobber rig went down. I grabbed it and had another good fish at the other end. This was a bigger fish than the one I just got in the boat. It took around 10 minutes for me to get the dip net on this one. Once again I was busy trying to measure the fish the dead line got hit. This was a smaller catfish and was able to just lift it into the other section of the boat. The 1st fish was 6.5 pounds 24inchesthat liked seasoned chicken breast. The big fish of the day was 12.5 pounds 31 inches. Fresh cut skipjack is what it hit. The 3rd fish was a channel cat of 3.75 pounds 19 inches, that fish also like the fresh cut skipjack. 11:30 I hooked the last fish of the day a small channel cat of 2 pound 16 inches. Seasoned chicken breast was the bait that fish liked. Headed for the ramp at 12:00 finally had some enjoyment for the time on the water!!

AUG. 13th UPDATE: I got my boat headed out of the ramp at 08:05 heading down river. I put my lines in the river at the barge tie up be low the Mill Creek at 08:30. I ran about a ½ mile below there with the fish finder and did not mark any fish, so wanted to get started fishing anyway. I started to get light taps very shortly; all 3 rods had the bait cleaned off. 09:10 hard bite on the suspended bait but I missed it. The bobber rig went under at the very same time, I did hook that fish. It was a small Bluecat that took my small skipjack. It was only 13inches and ¾ of a pound. At 09:25 boated another blue cat the same size! I was still getting these taps all the time, so I changed over to a small treble hook that was suggested from an earlier posting. I worked, caught 2 small blue cats within 10 minutes! They were really small 10 & 11.5 inches. I was running out if the small skipjacks even after I cut them in half.

Then at 10:00 my bobber rig got nailed, I knew this was a decent fish when I felt it at the other end. I took my time getting it out of that deep water. Turned out to be a Channel Cat 24 inches and 5 ¾ pounds. I did take a couple photos of it before returning it to the river. I was still getting taps even with the back up baits since I ran out of skipjack. There was a little current and the clouds keep thing pleasant in the boat.
I headed back to the ramp at 11:45. It was a nice trip only 1 decent size fish, but did get fish in the boat all action even with the taps that kept me alert. I now have to work at replacing the small skipjack I used up.

Here is the 5 3/4 pound Channel cat that hit my bobber rig on Aug 13th.

MY 5 3/4 pound CHANNEL CAT Aug 13th.2012 in my boat !!

August 8th. UPDATE: I met George and his friend at Rivertown for some night catfishing on George’s pontoon boat at 7:30 P.M. He took the boat down river to the Mill Creek where we netted some thinfin shad. We got our lines in the river around 8:45 across from the Ludlow Yacht Club. The river had much more current than I had expected. George broke the ice with a decent 8 pound bluecat at 9:45. Then he got a 3 pound channel cat at 9:55, on live bluegill. The next fish was 8.5 pound bluecat boated at 10:25 on cut gizzard shad by George’s friend.
The lighting had been going on for some time so we decided to work our way back up river. We anchored the boat at the lower end of the Waterfront on the Covington side. George hooked a 5 pound turtle, cut the line to the turtle. The wind really picked up and was moving the boat all over the place so pulled anchor, then headed up river to get out of the wind. We tried 3 other spots the rest of the night. The last place was on the Ky. side above the Cincinnati intake. 3 A.M. George got the last fish a 2 pound flathead 20 inches long. That was all the action for the night. I did not even get a tap during this trip. We headed back to the dock at 5 A.M. A long night but did have some reward for the efforts.

August 1st. UPDATE: I netted 2 gizzard & 2 thin fin shad at the ramp before I got my boat in the river. I headed up river at 08:00 today. I tried drift fishing with 2 poles for 30 minutes NO bites. I moved back down river to Hooters, spent 2 hours fishing there. I got a hard run by a Garr and one light tap on cut bluegill. No hits on the fresh shad! I packed it in after 3 hours no reason to roast any longer out there. This was another trip that makes me feel that fishing has become a chore instead of some enjoyment.

July 16th UPDATE: I met my fishing partner at 07:30 at the Public Landing. Put the boat in the river and the motor starter rope messed up. Had to put the boat on the trailer and run home to put my 6hp. motor on and headed back to the ramp. Finally got our lines in the river at 08:45. No current and an up river breeze. 1st. spot was just below the outflow by Joe's Crab Shack. No bites so went down to Hooters at 09:45. I had taps on cut thawed Mooneye and the frog scented chicken skin. The fish never came back for the bait. Joe & I had a couple taps on the red hot smokies but no good solid bites. 11:30 we dropped down to the L&N bridge and got in the shade. Joe had a couple taps there. 12:00 we headed back to the ramp and home. Looks like night fishing is the only way to get any catfish. Not sure when this heat will stop. Now have to try to get that 9.9 working right.

Here are photos of the action from the Summerof 2008. Hopefully will have more such shots and videos this season.

June 25th & 26th. reports: June 25th. 08:10 Joe & I got to our 1st spot of the day. No current clear sky with a down river breeze. Moved on to a 2nd spot a little up river the breeze had picked up that I had to put out the back anchor. When I wound in my line to re-bait I discover I had a fish on the line. It was a small Flathead. 18 inches longjust 2 pounds. Next was to our favorite spot, HOOTERS in Newport. I had a good bite but my knot came lose at the hook and fish is still swimming free. Joe anice Channel cat at 11:15 it was 5 pounds 23inches. 11:25 Joe hooked anothe Channel 4 pounds 21 inches. Joe then boated another channel at 11:45. A 3 pound 6 ounces 20 inches. The big fish of the day was a 8 pound 11ounce Carp that hit Joe's bait. All his fish were cuaght on chunks ofRed Hot Smokies Headed for the ramp at 12:45 a very good day!

June 26th I went out with My brother in his boat. Left Fredrick's ramp at 06:00. Marked fish around the barge tie up area by the Mill Creek. NO current at all and a strong down river breeze. Tried 4 different spot in that general area. 2 taps and 1 good bite. That fish took my line over a snag that cut the line! Finally called it a day around 12:00 then learned the back anchor was hung up on sang. He had to cut the rope so a very frustrating day all the way around.

June 15th UPDATE: I went out this past Friday morning. No Shad at the ramp at the Public Landing had to use thawed out bait. Headed down to the Mill Creek area. Lines in the water at 07:35. As I was getting my bobber rig setup the clicker sounded! The Channel cat put up a strong fight but with the dip net made sure I got it in the boat. 5 minutes later the same rod got hit, this was a smaller channel.

The action stopped so I let the wind drift me down river about 3/4 mile. No taps at all so went back up to my 1st spot. I was just about ready to head up river when I saw my bobber was under water. One more channel cat into the boat . That was all the fishing action for this trip. No BLUES just channel cats. The biggest cat was 25 inches and 8 pounds. All hit the thawed cut Shad, Nothing hit the small thawed skipjacks, hot dogs or frog attractant chicken skin.
Finally had some fun instead of frustration of no bites in 4 trips.


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May 29th & 31st UPDATE I had 2 times on the Ohio River this past week. On the 29th. of May I went on my 1st drift fishing trip. The weather really mess things up for us with rain & high winds. My fishing partner boat 3 cats, largest was a 7.5 pound blue cat. He got his fish with chunks of fresh shad. I did not even get a tap. I did learn a lot about drift fishing and respect all the work that goes into that style of fishing.

My 2nd trip was with my brother down river on the 31st of May. We headed to his favorite area the Mill Creek to fish. For bait we had thawed Skipjack and & Shad that he chunked up in large pieces. We dropped the anchor in 5 different spots along that section of the river. He got a couple taps and 1 Garr run with the skipjack. Once again I did not even get a top! Both of us are frustrated for that area had always resulted in some good action in past years. Not so this year 3 trips; only one catfish each of us for all the effort. Not sure when we will try again any time soon.

Here are the details of MY FIRST DRIFT FISHING TRIP

May 25 UPDATE: I got to the ramp of the Public Landing at 07:45. Boat motor started up just fine, headed up river at 08:00. My first spot to fish was just above the Big Mac Bridge on the Ohio side at 08:15. I put out 3 rods, 2 dead line 1 on a bobber rig. I was surprised by the amount of current; water was moving rather quickly. No bites there so moved over to the Ky. pier of the Big Mac Bridge. I had the same results, no action. 09:20 anchored above Hooter’s. I did get 2 taps on the chicken soaked with frog attractant. 09:50 I suspect a Garr hit the one rod for it ran the clicker very hard, then just stopped, When I got the line in the hot dog chunk was gone. My last stop of the day was under the Central Bridge; the wind was getting strong and blowing right up the river.

I called it a day at 11:00 and headed back to the ramp and home. I was very disappointed the results of the way my motor still does not want to accelerate at all the way as it should. So this outing was as much shake down for the boat as a fishing trip.

May 1st update: Last Thursday I decided to try fishing for some skipjacks or mooneyes whatever might be there. I got over to my spot a little later than sun rise which normally is one of the times they are most active. I was rewarded with hooking a fish on the second cast. I put on another wax worm with the bobber set about 3 ft. and kept on casting into the Ohio River. I just let the bait drift in the current and watch the bobber for the bites. The water is staring to rise and muddy up, the current is getting faster as well. I was getting good bits about every fourth cast. I missed several hits and had a couple get off the hook as it got close to the bank.
I fish for just over 1 hour, put 7 Mooneye in the small cooler. They were 8-10 inches in size and I am sure I missed hooking at least that many more. I now have some fish for cut bait whenever I go on my next catfishing trip. That looks like it will now be at least a week from now. The Ohio is going too high from all the rain here and up river. My small 14 ft boat is not good for such fast current conditions.

April 17th. I went out with my brother in his boat for some catfishing. We left the ramp on the Licking River at 07:30. Put the lines in the Ohio River just west of downtown Cincinnati around 08:10. We had 4 rods out with 3 different baits. At 0855 my brother hooked into a fish. It was a channel cat of around 5 pounds. We moved up river at 0945 since we had only a couple of taps. The 3rd spot at 11:00 had some strippers picking off the chicken breast he had for bait. They just would not hit it so you could get a pull on them. I finally caught my 1st. fish of the season at 12:55 on 2 day old shad. This channel cat was around 7pounds. Tried to get a photo but had a camera malfunction.
We tried one more spot before we called it a day since it was a perfect day to on the river. Just did not mark that many fish and the ones we spotted were not really feeding. I hope to get out in my boat sometime soon since the river is down, looks like it will be much cooler next week. Tight lines to all.

March 22nd. I did check out my 9.9 hp motor the other day. It started up just fine! Not sure when I will get my boat flipped over to set it up for fishing. The Ohio River is still high and muddy for fishing right now. The Cincinnati Public Landing is NOW charging $5 to park your car or tuck there. So when the river get below 28ft. it will be really a $5 fee to get your boat in the river. Or for that matter $5 to fish from the BANK over there! That is one of the few spots around here that folks used to catch SKIPJACKS & MOONEYE HERRING for catfish bait.

Here is a photo of the 14 pound bluecat from this trip.

MY 14 pound BLUECAT Aug 15th. 2011!

July 14th. & 15 2011 Update; I had just a few bites over the 2 trips. I did boat this nice blue cat. For all the details and photos of the 2 trips. 2 TRIPS 1 BIG BLUECAT.

my 18 pound 34 inch bluecat

MY 15 pound 30.5 inch  BLUECAT june 28 2011!

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Here is the biggest catfish of 2007 I caught Nov 10 th.2007 right above the HOOTERS in Newport Ky. across from Cincinnati!

MY 28 pound BLUECAT Nov.5th. 2007 and a 26 pound blue cat on the bottom of the boat !!

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Huge Channel Cat from Lockport Manitoba Another Red River Monster Channel Cat from LOCKPORT MANITOBA!

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